About Me

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Hi I’m Jessica, welcome to my blog What Jessica Did

formerly Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend.

Where I Began

I started writing this blog back in 2013 when I decided that I wanted to spend more time on me. As an Engineer I lost sight on who I was for a while. I spend my days making machinery parts, getting dirty & going home smelling of coolant (not a good thing)! Some days I love my job & others I hate it. However I always want to be doing something, I have no off button in my brain. When I’m building programs or solving problems that’s where I’m happy. I like that I don’t need to be or look a certain way to do my job as well as the men in the machine shop.

At some point I stopped caring about myself & didn’t go out or do as much as I used to. In 2013 I decided I wanted to be part of something bigger & learning to take pride in myself was that. My theory was if I could change then maybe somebody else could see that & be the change they wanted in life.I didn’t have a skin care routine or more than one set of makeup to my name. I choose to take pride in myself for me & honestly believe if I didn’t wear makeup my husband wouldn’t care either way.

What You’ll Find Here

I write mainly about makeup, skincare & hair care but just like to write about what interest me most. I also have psoriasis (skin condition) which I haven’t done enough about yet but do want to. I’m in the middle of trying to be much healthier, to loose weight & be more confident about my body in general.I like to write about products in all price ranges. If it’s affordable & works that great but if it’s expensive then it has to impress for me to recommend it. I love finding dupes for products so my readers can spend there hard earned cash a little more wisely than me.

Things I Love

I’ve grown up loving alternative music, watching Tim Burton-esque films & dying my hair all colours under the sun (except maybe sunshine Yellow)! I love to read & escape in a book in my lunch time & at home often watching too much TV or Youtube. As far as sports I love to watch Rugby but only 6 Nations & The Rugby World Cup but by far I Ice Hockey is number one & enjoy going to see The Sheffield Steelers!

I live with my husband who has his own blog over at thehawkandbeard.com which is about the stuff he loves, especially food, Xbox & beard care. All the while living with back pain & writing about how he handles daily life.