A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!

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That’s my story & I’m sticking to it! I’ve been pretty good for most of the year, after my birthday in January I mainly bought small bits of make-up or the essentials to keep my skin ticking over. I can’t do without my skincare so getting new make-up didn’t seem as important, it wasn’t like I’d run out of anything! However for a few months I saved up to have one big crazy spend which I’m now hauling for you.

The Drugstore

A Huge Haul - June - drugstore

I’ll start with the repurchases, Simple Roll-On & Soothing Eye Cream a good cheap duo I keep coming back to time & again. Batiste, do I need to say more it’s always making it back into my hair it was also in my May Favourites. Then there’s the Clearasil Rapid Action Pads, oh how I won’t doubt your magical powers again. It’s not the most pleasant of smells but it’s does what it says on the pot! I also bought the Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo, I still like this but more for weekend fixes when I want to add some scent too.

New to my shelves are the Fudge Urban Feel The Heat Protection Spray. It’s already been used a few times, the spray is a fine burst which is an improvement on the one I have. I prefer it to the Percy & Reed one that I’m still working my way through. I fancied some skincare & the Superdrug Vitamin E range tempted me with the Dual Phase Cleansing Oil & the Leave-On Moisture Mask. Another blogger made me do it moment happened when I remembered Fleur DeForce talk about the Johnson Daily Essentials Face Pads which I can see why she likes them now. Yes I had to include the Mitchum deodorant as it’s been talked about by other bloggers & I need something that actually works! Last but not least I’ve meant to pick up another Natural Collections Blusher for the longest time. Do they ever have stock in, no! Finally I picked up the shade Sugar Plum & as it was buy one get one half price I added an eyeshadow too.

John Lewis & Leeds

A Huge Haul - June

I’ll start with where I went first which was John Lewis, if you haven’t been into the Sheffield shop in a while you need to! The beauty section got transformed into a light airy modern beauty wonderland. It pleases me to see it each time I walk in especially now they have some of my favourite counters. First up was Nars, I knew what I wanted as I’d seen a Youtube Video by LetzMakeup on it & had to have it after watching it. It’s the Nars Translucent Light Reflecting Setting Powder in Crystal & boy was it expensive at £26.50 but it was my treat to myself! I next went to the Bobbi Brown counter to pick up the prize of my Bobbi Brown giveaway, see link for who won! Not wanting to just get that I decided I needed to give the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual a chance as I still need tips to improve my make-up skills. I also asked for a sample of the new Bobbi Brown Serum foundation as I haven’t heard much on it & my dry skin is driving me mad.

In an odd twist of fate I ended up in Leeds on Sunday & finished off the last of my spending money. I decided that seen as my home town doesn’t have anything like Harvey Nichols I’d pick something up I couldn’t get else where. For me that was Charlotte Tilbury & her Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love Liberty. I did ponder the Eyes To Mesmerize but for now I have enough cream shadows & as far as I’m concerned not enough lipsticks! I also popped in the Paperchase shop in the station for more postcards & some paper tape covered in sugar skulls. Leeds have lots of new shops including one full on Yankee Candles. I just had to buy something but in hot weather it will be rare I use them so I got a Wax Tart & Votive Candle in Cappuccino Truffle because it smelt amazing!

There was one last thing but it’s a big one so I’m going to do a First Impressions as it was an inspired purchase because of Lily Pebbles, click her name to see the Youtube video that got this all started. Do you have any of these bits already? What do you think of them?