A Hotel Tradition – Lush – Comforter Bubble Bar

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So this is like normal traditions and really only applies to me and my boyfriend but whenever we do go away for a night maybe once or twice a year we always look for hotels with baths. We have lived in shared housing and now in our own flat but with both having a relaxing bath is impossible when you’re sharing and our flat only has a shower. So each time we get to a hotel and there’s a bath the first thing we do is google the closest Lush to make sure we make the most of it.

Lush Comforter

The comforter is my bath time treat and at £4.50 it’s not a cheap bath and before I carry on you can break this down to 4 pieces and it will still give a nice bath but there’s no point me saving any as I don’t know when I will next use it. Just throw it under the running water and watch the white bubbles rise above the bright pink water. I must say that I went off bath ballistics a long time ago as I don’t think they do much for you in the way of body care but bubble bars are nothing like them. They really do scent the room and make relaxing so much easier, the comforter is a fruity blackcurrant smell that I just can’t resist and if you prefer a softer scent then Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds is very similar. These bubble bars make the water super soft and when you get out the bath your skin feels moisturized rather than striped and just makes me want to fall asleep. Ahh Sleep….