6 Tips For Longer Lasting Lipstick

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There was a time when I swore I’d never wear lipstick. I just couldn’t understand how you do day to day things while wearing it. Drinking, eating or even touching my own face becomes a bit of a nightmare. Over the last few years I’ve slowly incorporated it into my makeup routine. This is to the point where if I’m in a rush I’ll choose a lip product over creating an eye look. I like how I can brighten my mood in an instant with a red or bring out the my old goth side with a purple lip. So these are my tips to keep my lip colour lasting all day long.

Long Lasting Lipstick

You can see how well the red lip I wore above lasted over on my Instagram. It’s a Mac Matte in the shade Kinky which I wore all day, ate Pizza Express & had lots to drink over at The Lyceum when we saw Rocky Horror.

1) Lip Prep

Whatever makeup you apply getting the base right is so important. You need to have smooth & hydrated lips which doesn’t cost the earth to do. Now I’ve gone over this in an old post so I’ll not repeat myself here but lead you to my post Never Forget Lip Prep.

2) Lipstick Primer

I always primer my lips before I apply lipstick. This can be s simple as applying lip balm before you start your makeup to hydrate your lips for that smoother finish. I know Mac a lip primer that many people swear by but I always chose Clinique’s All About Lips. This is simply because you apply it to the skin around the edge of your lips which helps smooth out fine lines where lipstick can bleed into.

3) Setting Spray Last

Before all else in your makeup routine if your going to set your powder then do it after you apply lipstick. It doesn’t affect you applying lipstick but it will if you’ve strayed or gone a little wonky. When I go into fix it mode often you remove powder around your lips as you clean the mistake off. If you’ve already set your powder & try applying more after you’ve fixed it you get a tell tale line.

Tips For Longer Lasting Lipstick - matte lipsticks

4) Colour Correction

Often with a strong lip shade it will make any redness in your face look more prominent. We counteract this with a green colour corrector. This is usually my cheeks so I apply it after any primer but before I go in with my foundation.

5) Longest Lasting Lipstick Finishes

When I want my lipstick to be with me through an entire day I always go with a matte finish. There are many brands that do it but not all are made equally. Many matte lipsticks dry your lips out in an instant & others have a comfort gap built in like Bobbi Browns.

6) Fixing Mistakes

I often used a wet wipe to fix my lipstick mistakes & it does work initially but is flawed. I find using something wet removed any layers you’ve created underneath. I would often get feathering where the lipstick would bleed out later in the day. I’m sure this has something to do with it. I now keep cotton buds handy for quick & much more accurate adjustments. I always go outside the lip line to inside so that I don’t pull more lipstick onto my face! I also only use one end once, even trying to use the other side can make a bigger mess than what you started with.

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