t-shirts with french quotes on them

5 Plus Size Tees To Quote The French By… Translated!

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If you love shopping online like I do you know what mayhem it can be to find what your looking for. You search for french quote tees in plus size there’s a lot of trawling through google. Lucky for you I love searching out the best pieces & collecting them over on Pinterest.

“It says what?” – (Insert mean humans names here)

I love how stylish the french quote t-shirts look & add something extra to an outfit. However you know that somebody will ask you what it means because there is always one smart arse “friend”. Unless you remember doing French at school or are French you’ll likely look stupid for it. That’s where I come in and done the research for you so you don’t get caught out!

Everything Sounds Better In French


Mon Ami means my friend but in this spelling it’s gendered as male. This could be to say my male friend or more likely a way of saying my boy friend in the context of this t-shirt? Is that a back off he’s mine? Or the random chance of meeting a french man who understands your tee?

Belle Femme is beautiful female which is quite a body positive quote. In my head I always think of Belle in Beauty & The Beast then wonder if maybe the designer did too. Rose gold seems to be on trend but I’ve not often seen it replicated in fashion.

Voila (or vwala if spelled how it’s spoken) your likely to recognise it more. It’s a word used to exclaim something. Maybe in context it would be Voila I found the perfect shoes or Voila I finished at last! The multi coloured lettering on this t-shirt really pops out against the black background.

Bonjour Mon Amour has a few variations but all are similar in context. Bonjour is usually hello, sometimes good morning or good day. Followed by mon amour which is my love, my dear & my darling. I do love the fine navy & white stripes that really do add that extra french vibe.

Have you got that Je Ne Sais Quoi? It’s usually how we English use it in a sentence but do we know what that means, I know I didn’t! It’s something about somebody that you can’t quite put your finger on it as to why you find that person attractive. In the context of the tee the wearer maybe saying I’ve go that je ne sais quoi about them. There’s more that meets the eye about me. As for the hearts the French are known for being all about love!

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