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5 Budget May Beauty Favourites

In the last 6 months I felt like I was spending so much time wandering the drugstore aisle. I know new products have come out but I became jaded with it. I lost the thrill of the new but May was different. I seemed to find some great budget drugstore bits that got me excited. Here are 5 may beauty products that made the most difference to my routine.

5 May Beauty Favourites

5 Budget may beauty Favourites

E45 Intense Recovery Spray Moisturiser – 200ml £5.99

I know that spray moisturisers aren’t a new thing & Vaseline did this already but it just didn’t appeal to me. That was until my favourite body lotion did their own. If you see my 6 Things I’m Currently Loving In March post this is there it its original form. I need my moisturiser to be a little hardcore & Intense Recovery is exactly that I have super dry skin & Psoriasis too. I use this in the morning as I can spray my limbs put it down then rub it in with both hands speeding the process up. It’s much more expensive than the lotion so I count this as a little luxury to save time & use the other at night-time.

Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Very Black Mascara – £4.99

So there’s nothing new about my love for Maybelline Great Lash. I loved the original when I was a teen then I found Big Great Lash which has been a go to for a good while now. However I’ve restarted a search for a waterproof mascara. I wanted something more than the Benefit Lash Primer that’s brown. I first used this & kinda dismissed it as it just seemed awkward. I took this to my sisters hen do which was a weekend away & used it before we went on a 2.5 mile walk on a very sunny day. It’s dry formula was not what I was expecting but I got nice non clumpy defined lashes that hadn’t run down my face by the end of it. For me this counts as a success I think I will stick for when it comes to my sisters festival wedding.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blusher – 6g £2.50

When you see these blushers up close you’ll totally get why I had to buy this. I thought that the baked powder products would be super glittery but they’re not. The shade it made up of a few pinks which combine beautifully but it does pack a punch so you need a light touch. For me this means using my fingers & patting it on the cheek bone. It gives me something between a flush of colour & a highlight in one. I haven’t picked up anything else all month as it gives a natural seemless finish. The shade I have is All I Think About Is You & I’m already eyeing up hard day which is a mauve tone that’s just as pretty.

Collection Define & Perfect Brow Powder – £4.19

I’m forever in search of something to replace my Mac brow pencil which is now £14. I love it because it takes the hassle out of getting the shape but sometimes I can go a little too heavy handed. I picked this up because I just haven’t seen anything like it before. It’s a powder in a little tube with a pointed applicator. I’m not quite sure I have the perfect shade but there is only three available which can be a downside. However the brunette isn’t a warm shade which I prefer. I can fill sparse bits in & colour the blonde hairs that bug me the most.

Nyx Powder Brush – £14

This is a bit of  cheat in the way that Nyx is probably my favourite brand full stop this month. That’s because Boot’s in Meadowhall has finally got Nyx in it. Not just one stand but a whole section that I spent about 20 minutes going back & forth between all the products. My favourite thing I bought was this brush because it’s so ridiculously soft. I’ve used this with my Mac Studio Fix Powder as the weather has been warm so I always break this out. It just feels so good on my face, it picks up a good amount of powder that I can buff quickly with. This just takes the effort out of apply my foundation & makes it enjoyable. Yes £14 is high for a drugstore brand but it’s quality that should last a long time.

So these were my May Beauty favourites, what drugstore beauty has excited you this month?

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