3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath

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I have many face masks in the bath room right now but unless it’s an over night specific like the Superdrug Glycolic mask I often forget to use them. However while I’m in the bath using a scrub or trying to keep my blonde hair healthy with a mask I may as well be multi-tasking. So I have a little routine that works well together to keep my skin clear. These are the 3 budget face masks that shouldn’t break the bank but still stop the breakouts.

My Skin Type

So I have visible pores on my nose which obviously I can’t do much about but I do need to keep them clean so I get less black heads & hopefully prevent yellow heads. I also seem to have a dry patch at the end of my nose which is annoying when I apply foundation. I get spots around my jaw line & at the sides of my eyes which sounds odd. This was until I realized it was my dirty work glasses that were causing it so I try to keep them clean now. My skin tends to be dry & dehydrated in general but I’m using another mask I’ve just bought to work on that.


3 Budget Face Masks

As for all face masks I always take them off with a wet flannel.You can use a muslin cloth if you prefer but they tend to get clogged up with product but I would avoid just water as this usually leads to getting product in your eyes which is never fun & often painful!

A Mask To Prep

I usually do a quick cleanse before I start with whatever I fancy at the time, if I’m being lazy I go for this one. Then I apply the B.Revealed Glycolic Cleansing Peel which looks like a basic cream cleanser, I apply a layer of this always avoiding my eye area where its more sensitive. You only leave this for 3 minutes,in the first minute you get that tingle but nothing uncomfortable to me. Give this a test behind an ear just to check if you are more sensitive to masks with acids in them. I assume this won’t have a high amount as its budget skin care but I still feel my skin is a little smoother for using it. This is because the glycolic acid helps to remove the dead skin cells on the surface which then allows for other products to be working on what’s underneath. Also always follow this routine the next morning with an Spf as it has AHA ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid) in it which increases your skins sensitivity to the sun.

Duo Mask – Just Where I Need Them

While I’m leaving a hair mask to do its thing & maybe using a scrub or shaving (T.M.I) I always add a mask in to save time. I’ve used both these individually but prefer to save time & use them where I think they work best. The Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask does what it says on the tin. You instantly get a warming sensation but this quickly diminishes & as for 5 minutes I leave it on as long as I can be bothered. It’s quite thick & sticky but does stay in place so I don’t mind & I’m in the bath so it’s not like I can make a mess. I apply this usually just to my nose but occasionally my t-zone. It’s double the price of the other mask so I try to use it where I need it most. When I stick to it I find fewer blackheads are visible. The second mask is the Quick Fox Facials Purifying Charcoal mask which if you don’t mind strong scent this won’t be for you. It’s also for clearing pores but I use it everywhere I don’t use the other as it’s cheaper I’m more slap dash about it. This I find suits areas where I get yellow heads more often like my chin. It says 10 uses on the bottle but you don’t need a thick layer to make either work.

I’ve used this face mask trio for a few months now & almost every time I bath I do this between the usual routine. It saves time & means my skin gets a good extra clean in between twice daily cleanses. I’ve even already picked up the B. Revealed mask already while it was on offer.

Where To Find The Budget Face Masks

B.Revealed Glycolic Cleansing Peel 125ml – £7.99

Sanctuary Spa Cleanse 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask 100ml – £10

Quick Fix Facials Purifying Charcoal Mask 100ml – £4.99

As of posting this they are all on offer with at least 1/3 off.

What are your favourite masks for black & yellow heads?

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3 Face Masks I Use In The Bath