2true Mascara Volume Or Length

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2true Mascara Volume & Length Review - products

Something no one will likely have noticed is I’ve never done a review of any mascara. I’ve mentioned a love for Maybelines Great Lash in blackest black because it was all I used for years. I trusted it would get my lashes super black and stay there for most of the day. I’ve tried a few since then and I’m now trying out a couple from 2true. Thinking about volume and length I don’t really believe a mascara can give me it unless you get fancy with the fiber mascaras but even then it’s building the mascara on top of something else. A mascara is essentially a liquid we brush through our lashes coating them in colour.

A brush can only do so much to curve the lash and keep it held that way while the mascara dries right ? Yes you can use your eye lash curlers and the mascara can maybe hold that shape but not curl it it’s self.

2true Mascara Volume & Length Review - no mascara

It’s a love hate relationship as you can see above my lashes look non-existent on their own. They’re not super long or voluminous so I have to wear mascara or any makeup look would seem unfinished. It’s suggested on most sites to bin them every three months which for me is a high turn over, more like every 6 months. I just feel like if it’s a short-term thing I can’t invest in it the way I would a lipstick or blusher. It’s also a very fickle thing mascara use it one day it’s super wet then the next its dried out a little or goes gunky. Then if you have any eye infections then out with all the mascaras you’ve recently used as they are a breeding ground for bacteria.

With that in mind I’ve stuck to buying drugstore, I still expect them to live up to my own standards still. For me I want my light brown lashes to be the blackest black they can be. I hate clumps so mascara for me has to be a one coat wonder. Finally I don’t want to find it at the end of the day fallen giving me the panda eye look.

2true Mascara Volume & Length Review - with mascara

2true Mascaras

There not fancy mascaras but at £3 I wasn’t expecting shiny posh gold packaging. However I do like how easy it is to find them within my makeup stash the florescent yellow and pink really stand out. The brushes below as you can see are the plastic spiked ones. I didn’t think I would like them as much but the do apply the mascara as easily as the traditional spoolies. The only difference in the brushes are the fact the lengthening curve inward in the middle and the volume curves out at the middle. The photo above shows you can at least now see I have eye lashes.

2true Mascara Volume Or Length - wands

A Perfect Middle Ground

I kinda wish there was mish-mash of the two and I’m half tempted after seeing the close up to do it. I prefer the brush on the lengthening mascara as it really separates the lashes out and I can get right to the base of the lashes without any trouble. The volume one has a better formula and seems to thicken each of the lashes and made them stand out more. neither for me really gave way to the claim they were meant for as both eyes look almost identical.

2true Mascara Volume & Length Review - eyes

No Love For The Bottom Lash

Nether of them really did it for me when it comes to the bottom lashes. The plastic spiky wands really irritated me. They felt like the were scratching my skin, this is the one place I’d be tempted to put money in and get round to trying the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara.

I think for me if I repurchase one over the other it would be the 2true Wow Volume mascara and I would because 2true is such good value that I don’t have to worry either if anything happens to it or the formula goes odd half way through having it.

2true is found in Superdrug the Wow Volume and Pro Lengthening are both £3.