1 Million Steps for Diabetes UK

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I walk but not every day, I stand all day but I’m not always moving. This is a challenge that will push me but also be attainable. I decided to join the 1 Million Steps challenge for me & as a way to raise some money for charity.
I could have picked a 5, a 10 mile or even a marathon to complete. However I know myself and my body would break before the finish line. I am unhealthy, I eat bad food and I’m overweight. I’m the poster child for becoming Diabetic when they’re older.

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The Tiny Human Who Changed Everything

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I convinced myself for so that that I was too busy for blogging. First it was my wedding back in 2015 & then getting pregnant in 2017. I can carry on making excuses for why not or I can work this out & do something for me. However I’m not that cute and he really is. Without further rambling here is my most important tiny human.

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Tony Moly

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 I have little crazy moments when a new brand hits our UK shores. We recently got Kat Von D beauty here which has been such a long wait. I’m still wanting to try her infamous Tattoo Liner out which I hope will be sooner than later. However Korean beauty has been causing an evolution in the UK beauty brands who are slowly creating their own versions. We’ve all seen the BB, CC, DD & even EE creams but we always want more & from the source themselves. Come find out which shop has brought Tonly Moly to the UK.

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Aquis Turban & Towels – Are They Worth £30 Each?

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After going blonde I decided I needed all the help I could get with maintaining the condition. I’d seen the Aquis towel over on A Models Recommends YouTube channel & she seemed to love it. When I saw them in T.K.Maxx I snapped them up instantly. I paid £5.99 for them as they were the original colour line & they had changed them up over on their website. The turban & towel to buy online are £30 each, so come find out if they’re worth it? Continue reading “Aquis Turban & Towels – Are They Worth £30 Each?”

The Liquid Lipstick Even I Can Apply

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As a lover of matte lipstick, I thought liquid lipstick would be its evolved easier to apply cousin. However as much as I’ve mastered lipstick wearing a liquid formula has been a bit of a nightmare! I’ve bought them, applied them, got them on then taken them off again. I know eyeliner can sense fear but liquid lipsticks give me the shakes! However I may have found a winner! Continue reading “The Liquid Lipstick Even I Can Apply”