October WW Smart Points Insta-Challenge

I’m forging on this month with Weight Watchers & the smart points system. I’ve got a fun Halloween to look forward to & want to feel confident in my skin. I know a month won’t make me drop a size or I doubt it will but I can be happy knowing I’ve progressed. My first attempt at an Instagram Challenge went pretty well & kept me on track for about 3 weeks. The fourth was a mini melt down but I still lost weight overall. I lost 4.5lb which I’m happy with, I was aiming for 8 but I think I have a fighting chance for that this month. 

October’s Smart Points Challenge

I’m going to keep developing these challenges over the months to try & make them easier to do. I want to be creative & include popular seasons or holidays but make them useful too. There are a few little Halloween references but not so much you get sick of it (as I’m a major Halloween nut).

All you have to do is let me know you fancy doing it by finding me over on Instagram. Follow me so you can see what I’m posting & include me in your posts so I can be notified & see yours. Include the hashtags below so anyone interested can find them too.


I want to create a community we can all benefit from & learn new ways to be creative with food. I think in times before this I’ve gotten in a rut with the same foods over & over again. I’ve recently got back into Pinterest with lots of recipes, Weight Watchers & smart points related boards to inspire me. The Insta-challenge below is up on Instagram so it’s easy to get too. Or if your up for it then you could always re-post it to keep up each day.


I’m hoping someone will join in with me this month but if not I’m going to keep trying. If you just want to chat about Weight Watchers or weight loss in general then comment below or over on Instagram I’ll always reply.

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