September Weight Watchers Instagram Challenge 2016

Having done Weight Watchers half heartedly for the last 6 months or so I needed a way to be more accountable. With that in mind I quickly came up with this Instagram challenge just this morning! That’s why this is so late today but the morning posts will be much more prompt. I have a long way to go & you’ll be able to see that tomorrow but I need to do this. If you wish to join me on this trip or have any questions please comment below. If you find this mid-month don’t worry just start from that day.

September Weight Watchers Instagram Challenge

Each day has its own theme & below I’ll break down the ideas to make it easier. The only thing that really repeats is the weigh in day. I find Friday works best for me as it allows for weekends to have a bit of leeway with weekly points. If you don’t see this until the 2nd or after just post on Instagram your goals that day & work from there. I want to push myself, support people & maybe even inspire a few people along the way.

Use the hashtags #wjdseptemberweightwatchers #weightwatcherschallenge & #whatjessicadidwwchallenge & include me @whatjessicadid88 as I’m going to repost some of them. This way everyone can find each others posts,


September Breakdown

Most of the ideas above are straight forward but I’ll explain below any I think that sound a little cryptic.

Goals – What you want to achieve this month be it weight loss, health or to be more active.

Weigh In – Start Weight, Current Weight, Weight Change & Goal Weight. If this seems a little daunting then stick to Weight Change but keep a running total on Weigh in Days.

“I’ll Fit In It” – I have tonnes of clothes I want to wear but refuse to get rid of because they don’t quite fit. Take a photo of an outfit or piece of clothing you want to wear in the future.

Walk This Way – Take time & go for a walk or if your up for it run. See how far you get & post it. You can use Google Fit on most smart phones to track how far or how many steps you’ve gone & post it. Was it hard? Fun? Didn’t you feel knackered afterwards… Even 5 minutes walk is more movement than you’ll find on the sofa.

Five To Follow – Choose 5 food, health or weight watchers Instagrammers you like & tag them below. Use Repost app as you photo to show off one of their Instagram photos.

Food Diary – Let us see what you’ve been eating today, post a photo & write below what you ate all day! Everything!

Raid A Cupboard – Let us all be nosey & see what’s in your food cupboards.

Naughty or Nice – Have you been super healthy or totally raided the biscuit jar today.

SP Swap – Let us in on food swaps you’ve made, what you’d have before & how many Smart Points you swap is.

Low SP To Go – Being busy can make us choose unhealthy foods. What is your go to in a dash food you keep close by to hold off the hunger.

So that about wraps it up for now, if you’re not sure on something just comment below or on Instagram & I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.

Instagram Weight Watchers ChallengeE

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