Vikings Season 3 Trailer – Little Too Excited!


If you haven’t watched anything from Vikings then I’m recommending you do. In the UK its exclusive to Amazon Instant (Lovefilm). For just £5.99 a month and the first 30 days is free to new members. I’m not selling this to you it’s just the only way you can get Vikings easily without buying the Box Sets. This originally aired on the History channel in the US and it kinda put me off it as I though it would be more technical rather than a drama series.

The story follows a main character called Ragnar Lothbrok who lives in a small village but has big plans for him and his family. My most loved character is his wife Lagatha she just kicks ass as a shield maiden. Keep an eye out for Loki he just keeps on surprising me.

If you’re only looking to fill the void of Game Of Thrones and keep you going until next season then this will do that for you. The only problem is that when you run out of episodes you’ll miss this as much as Game Of Thrones. I really love that the trailers doesn’t really show the story you just get to see the characters. That being said If you haven’t watched the first 2 seasons and want too then don’t spoil it or you’ll know who is dead or alive.


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