TFI Friday #fotd

TFI Friday, we all know what it means, but even that can’t always be enough. I finished work yesterday, got home and decided I’d clean myself up, apply some makeup & straightened my hair. See how I looked before all hell broke loose!Normally Friday afternoons are there to allow me to come down from off the ceiling after a weeks work. It’s meant to be relaxing but sometimes I have an itch to join the rest of the world and simply leave the house, I believe it’s called fresh air. We got all the way into town with just a fine mist of rain. Half an hour later it’s pissing it down (ahem raining). I could have just got in the shower straight after getting ready and would have still not quite resembled the drown rat that I was today. But needs must so we got on with, the vacuum had died and on the wettest cold weekend we bought a fan as well. Our neighbours have no concept of turning the heating off so even when it’s cold it’s still boiling. Luckily I got my photo before the storms hit.

TFI Friday – Fotd

tfi friday fotd

This was pretty straight forward makeup. I went with the Mua Undress Your Skin as it’s hard to go wrong with it really does add a boost to brighten your skin. I can never seem to to be able to decide what to wear on my lips. When in doubt I’ve gone for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush. I love that it wears pretty evenly on me, don’t love the minty taste it’s just strange but I’ve gotten used to it as the ease of use makes up for it. I used the Bare Minerals cake liner as a shadow eyeliner just to add a little depth and used the top two shades in the Gosh palette to finish em off.With Laura Mercier creme eyeliner pencil in the top waterliner.

tfi friday fotd- makeup

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