Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home

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It’s not all that often I end up at a party these days so when I do I almost go a little overboard picking out what makeup to wear. I still haven’t the finesse for a 5 product travel set & instead opt for more possibilities than anyone needs. However what I did use would class as party makeup than even the novice makeup wearer could manage. I’m all about choosing fool-proof products when I’m away from the comfort of multiple different makeup removers & endless cotton buds to fix eyeliner! Continue reading “Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home”

Juicy Shaker & 5 Minute Face

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juicy shaker shake senora

After using the Laura Mercier Stickgloss I decided maybe I was being harsh on lip gloss by generalizing them as a sticky waste of time. Even after seeing the Lancome Juicy Shaker I still wasn’t convinced it could be any different to any other gloss. However when a giveaway is involved I’m more than willing to give it a chance. I was lucky enough to win one & when it finally arrived I had to try it out.

So does this lip gloss as Lancome say #bantheboring ? Continue reading “Juicy Shaker & 5 Minute Face”

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush I Can’t Wear Until Halloween

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This will just be a bit of a show & tell because I just couldn’t leave it one more day without showing you this gorgeous blusher. I’ve had this in my possession for over 5 months & it’s going to another 6 before it gets worn. When my sister went to New York last year this was the only item I asked for which beauty blogger wise is being well restrained. She didn’t know what Sephora was other than it having the item I wanted which was a Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. When my Save The Dates went out recently it all just became apparent how real this stuff is rather than just the mess of planning it all.

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