Could This B. The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need?

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I know there are many a brush cleanser for quickly cleaning your makeup brushes so you can use them either straight away or the next day. I know I’m not the only one to hate deep cleansing brushes with a passion, it has to be done weekly but in between that & you’re pushing it! Lazy or not when I saw the B. range in Superdrug had brush cleansing wipes I needed to try them. I know wipes aren’t for your face but could they b. for your brushes? Ultimately I was thinking for travel but also when I need to swap shades & use the same brush! Continue reading “Could This B. The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need?”

February Haul

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At some point I’m hoping soon I’ll learn to be less spendy but for now I may as well show you all the prettier side of the hole in my wallet where money used to live! I feel like I did well to curb the make-up buying in Mac with just a few key purchases. One of which was due to finally replacing something I lost months ago & have needed back in my life ever since! However I feel I balanced this out with some Primarni & Amazon shopping.

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A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!

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That’s my story & I’m sticking to it! I’ve been pretty good for most of the year, after my birthday in January I mainly bought small bits of make-up or the essentials to keep my skin ticking over. I can’t do without my skincare so getting new make-up didn’t seem as important, it wasn’t like I’d run out of anything! However for a few months I saved up to have one big crazy spend which I’m now hauling for you. Continue reading “A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!”

February Faves 2015

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I’ve meant to get back into monthly favourites as it’s been a little on & off. My last was in October & a Best Of 2014. I’ve not been buying much lately so I didn’t want to repeat myself or suggest something before giving it enough use. These are mainly things I got for Christmas so I’ve had a good few months to see what have become firm favourites.

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My Big News + Ways To Relax

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So when this hits Facebook it’s a bit of a sneak preview to my family as some don’t know I’m getting married! I know it’s daft right but the invites haven’t gone out yet as it’s a project in progress. Then again if I can get the invites I’m looking at from Etsy then I’ll show you them once they have been sent out. Now the date of the “event” is gonna be on Halloween I know what your thinking cheesy, odd & mental but that’s us in a nutshell. Anyone that knows us gets that it makes perfect nonsense!

Let The (as good an excuse as any for a) Relaxing Day Begin

So on with the only wedding related bit of this but you can replace it with your favourite fashion or beauty bible i.e Elle or Allure magazine for me. Today however it’s a new genera for me & most definitely the only bridal magazine I’ll be reading up to October.

Rock n Roll Bride

Rocknrollbride - issue 1 - magazine

Written by the very talented Kat Williams, the anything that’s considered alternative style wedding blogger & now Editor of her own magazine. My only sadness is it’s bi-monthly and somewhere in my head I thought it was fortnightly, ahhh! I will just have to read and re-read. Spend my days going through older posts on the her blog getting lot’s of ideas. RocknRollBride is the greatest guide for bride & grooms who are looking to do things with a little more uniqueness. The magazine has lots of real wedding with ways to take inspiration from them, Kat does an agony aunt piece which is useful if you have a question for her & diy tutorials to spruce things up. And Kat was right when she said when you get your first bridal magazine you start reading & devour the entire thing in one sitting. It’s a great way to relax.

Face Masks

Time To Relax - Superdrug Sheet Mask

Now you can just pick your favourite one or if this is a less often thing the sachet ones are good too. I like the Montagne Jeunusse (can’t pronouns them either) ones, more the peels than the clay type as they’re good for blemish prone skin. The one I’ve used is a new one for me it’s a sheet mask & purse friendly. These are the New Superdrug Facial Sheet Masks & they are £1.29 each, I’ll tell you more when I’ve tried all three of them out.

YouTube + Blogs

So it’s already my addiction but hey let’s make it yours too. Need a new beauty routine or something more specific for your skin care woes then this is the place to go. I wouldn’t go as far to say take it with a pinch of salt but do remember everyone has their own opinion just like blogging & sometimes they’re different. If I need a skin care guru then it’s Caroline Hirons here on her blog (formerly know as Beauty Mouth) & Youtube. For makeup there’s a fair few but the faves are Miss Budget Beauty( (UK), Tati (USA), Sharon Farrell (Irish in Australia) & LetzMakeup (Ireland) so depending on what brands you can get hold of one of those will suit.

Bath Time

If your like me then baths aren’t fun without bubbles, it’s a necessity I can’t do without. Weather it’s Badedas which creates epic amounts of foam or just your favourite Radox scent it’s a sure-fire way to make you stop. If you risk your mobile to reply to a text in the bath then you already have problems my friend, im afraid even I can’t help you with that one. If you like a but of luxury then as always I suggest Philosophy 3 in one, you can use it as bath foam, shower gel & even shampoo. At the moment I have 3 in stock due to sales & Birthday pressies, the scent Cinnamon Buns is my all time favorite, vanilla birthday cake a soft cake scent & Raspberry Sorbet has a lovely fresh vibe to it. If you’re not a foam person you can always try bath oils, I’ve always wanted to try the Aromatheraphy Associates out but they’re a little expensive for me. Another treat are the lush bath bombs or a little more adult version the bath melts & bubble bars. My faves are You’ve Been Mangoed, The Comforter & Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments all are heavenly scented.