Tony Moly

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 I have little crazy moments when a new brand hits our UK shores. We recently got Kat Von D beauty here which has been such a long wait. I’m still wanting to try her infamous Tattoo Liner out which I hope will be sooner than later. However Korean beauty has been causing an evolution in the UK beauty brands who are slowly creating their own versions. We’ve all seen the BB, CC, DD & even EE creams but we always want more & from the source themselves. Come find out which shop has brought Tonly Moly to the UK.

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3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath

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I have many face masks in the bath room right now but unless it’s an over night specific like the Superdrug Glycolic mask I often forget to use them. However while I’m in the bath using a scrub or trying to keep my blonde hair healthy with a mask I may as well be multi-tasking. So I have a little routine that works well together to keep my skin clear. These are the 3 budget face masks that shouldn’t break the bank but still stop the breakouts. Continue reading “3 Budget Face Masks I Use In The Bath”

Where Is My Mind #13 – My Skincare Woes, Can You Help Me?

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It’s just been one of those weeks that have been up & down for me especially trying to plan a wedding at the same time as blogging here & working too it’s hectic. It maybe what’s causing my skin to have a melt down so maybe a chilled weekend is what I need.

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April Skincare Empties 2015

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These are my empties from maybe even March too but I just kept saving them & forgetting about them at the same time. Some are of my fellas products too because it’s a real rarity that he empties anything I thought I’d share what he did finish! I know this isn’t the most original of backgrounds but I’m in blogging hell with my make-up room/attic still without a proper carpet. That & I’ve lived in Sheffield so long & only just got one of these t-shirts, I already want more especially the Henderson’s tee.

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Empties From September

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September Empties 2014 - mi

This is a bit of a mixed bag as some of these have been found randomly in draws where they were safe ready for this post. So minor fail on my part but it does help me remember what I have used. I’m writing this as it craps it down outside, even thunder & lightning has appeared. Frozen is the word of the day!

September Empties 2014

Loreal Skin Perfection Nourishing Cleansing Wipes

These were a last-minute dash purchase when I stopped overnight in Manchester a few months back ish.. Bought when I forgot my skin care it did the job alright of removing my makeup but was far from perfect. I don’t expect them too though there face wipes, I mainly used these for fixing my makeup, usually eyeliner fails. That and after straightening my hair to get the residue from heat defence sprays off my hands. Not sure where the nourishing bit came from but I can say they are decently wet wipes so  made use of them to the very last one.

N07 Men Energizing Face Wash

Obviously this is mine but my fella had empties too & I think a guy’s perspective is useful especially with Christmas coming up. This isn’t the first bottle he’s gone through & it won’t be the last. He has sensitive skin and doesn’t have any issue with this one. Really good at cleaning his face and smells nice. He added that it bubbles up too much but it seems to last him longer than other face washes. Which one is kinda because of the other so swings & roundabouts I guess.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

This was a slow build up to using this but the more I did the more I’ve appreciated it. It’s a balm cleanser that feels gorgeous on the skin. The scent is light & I used this usually before a bath if I was going to a face mask as well. Budget friendly & one of those products I didn’t love to death but it had its moments when my skin needed that extra balmy goodness.

The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue

A much-loved & needed product, I have what I call man feet. I basically spend 8 hours on my feet constantly moving & they get harmed in the process. When I get out of the bath I hate how dry & stripped my skin feels on my feet. This for me is much prefer to the lotion as that makes my feet feel to wet. The cream is thick, lush & super hydrating with that wake me up peppermint scent. I need to repurchase this as I’ve used up a N07 Foot Balm. I prefer the body shop one and I’m sure it will be getting use with some thick Christmas socks very soon.

The Body Shop Arber Hair & Body Wash

If I ever need to get some body wash for the fella & I’m in a rush I would look for this one first. There’s few he will use & this is a favourite out of maybe three he rotates between. This is a bit of an all in one it’s great for body & hair but he doesn’t like to use it on his beard. He likes the smell of this one most out them all, will definitely be repurchased.

Superfacialist By Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask

I won’t g too much into this on e as I did a post comparing this the Manuka Honey Mask. It’s a nice mask but I didn’t love the smell which was ultimately off-putting. As you can see in the photo it got a bit beaten up and the cap broke off so I use it up before it dried up. It did help my skin & I didn’t have any issues with it. I did like that it was thick enough that it doesn’t run down your face in the bath. Will I repurchase? I don’t think so as I found others that suit me better & smell nicer.