January Wish List or Virtual Shopping without the Spending

January Wish List
This is my wish list for January and more likely spilling into February. I spent s fair bit over Christmas and so when I do spend this year I’m hoping to reign in the shopping and spend more wisely.

Lip treatment
£7.50 – hotelchocolat.com
This would probably be the most used but least needed as I can get cheaper lip balms , I’m just intrested to see what Hotel Chocolat have in the way of beauty and I know I can’t afford any of the other products they have released so this would be a nice piece to at least try.

Face care
£8 – thebodyshop.co.uk
As you know I’ve fallen for lip scrubs this month but I think this would be a good travel alternative as it’s in a lipstick bullet but also alot less messy.

Garnier beauty product
£5.99 – superdrug.com
I’m using The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser at the moment but I’m not quite sure it’s enough for my rather dry skin so this could be an alternative.

£7.50 – marksandspencer.com
Mmmm, define need… I saw amodelreccomends.com use this and I’ve kinda wanted it since and it is on offer at £5 so could be worth a swatch in store.

Max factor lipstick
£7.99 – superdrug.com
This I keep coming back too and I can’t decide if it’s the luxe packaging or just the rasin shade but I’m drawn to it every time.

Matte nude lipstick
£6 – marksandspencer.com
Can’t get away from the mattes, can’t be helped I like my lipstick to last and I’m still in search of a good nude.

Urban Decay eye pencil makeup
£12 – debenhams.com
Don’t even own a Naked palette yet but I think this is a great concept , four different double ended eye pencils each to coordinate with the Naked palettes and even if I don’t have one it’s a good way to try two shades for the price of one.

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush Flash Plum
£5.19 – superdrug.com
Matte plum blush , always on the look out for a good drugstore version of my Clinique Poppy Plum blend , this probably isn’t it but I ‘d have to buy it and find out , just in case.

Yes £15 for a highlighter but this really does say luxe all over it , it’s so pretty and I’m hoping it’s as pretty in store.

T Zone Nose Strips X6’S at Superdrug
£5.05 – superdrug.com
Blackheads are evil and they live on my nose and I must eradicate them, probably not the best way to do it but I haven’t found a solution yet so we will see.

MUA Cream Blush Scrummy at Superdrug
£2.50 – superdrug.com
Totally should have picked this one up when I saw it in store at Christmas and I talked myself out of it, for what reasons I don’t know. This is at the top of the list to try out.

I’ve been looking at these for a while and I’m not sure why I haven’t picked a few up yet ,not heard much said about them but the Peacock Tail shade is very similar to a Mac eyeshadow I was looking at but I don’t know if I can make it work, think this could be a good test run or just a cheaper way to tell if I can pull it off.

Always thinking about serums , just still haven’t parted with the cash to get one. All so expensive and I get why but this is about as cheap as they come unless I pick up the one Botanics do.

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude – First Impressions


Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude - products

These are the two MUA Matte Lipsticks I picked up from Superdrug I think I would have picked up one of each shade had they even had stock in as they are super value at £1 each.

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude collage


In the top left and bottom right are each of the tubes partially deconstructed by that I mean the colour at the end of the tubes of lipstick are the product. This is the first time I’ve seen or noticed this done and I think its a great idea when you can’t open the sealed lipstick but you an see what your getting. That bare in mind though when you swatch them they are sheer mattes as you can see compared with the Rimmel Kate Matte which is opaque. So it shows a dark colour with Wild Berry but in fact it’s nothing like it in use. The other image is to show because they are only a £1 the quality of the tube and how the lipstick is held in place is rubbish as pressure as you apply it bends the lipstick over so when you twist it back in you end up with the lines cut into the lipstick. It’s a cheap enough lipstick for this not to matter much in my opinion as you can easily replace it if you wanted to be fussy over the appearance after all it’s white plastick with silver writing.

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude totally nude


At first test I wrote off Totally nude as it didn’t work well at first it’s almost like a coating over the lipstick you have to break to get to the colour. The actually texture is quite nice but it’s a matter a layering up the colour so takes a little longer to apply but means you can choose how light or dark you have it. That in mind the nude doesn’t suit me and washes my lip colour out but maybe would work on someone else.

Mua Matte Lipstick in Totally Nude for £1 in Superdrug

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude wild berry


This is a clear favourite and is not what I expect but is much more wearable and is buildable with a suprisingly even shade. This is easy to apply even for me and didn’t settle in the creases of my lips. I did put lip balm underneath but blotted just before adding the lipstick. I love the sheer berry stain it added and came between matte and a little satin in effect. I’m not sure how good wear time is but its easy to reapply without even having a mirror with you without having to worry about it.

Mua Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry for £1 in Superdrug

Undress Me Too Palette by MUA

MUA - Undress Me Too - Eyeshadow Palette

This is one of those palettes that it just known by name and we all know it as the dupe for Urban Decays Naked Palette but lets just forget anyone ever said that. It’s not even close , I don’t own the Naked but I’ve swatched it and they are two different animals on two completely different levels. Accept that this is a £4 palette but also that it’s not as good as Heaven and Earth palette but on its own it’s a good starter palette. It was the first one I bought 6 months ago when I got back into make up and I have been using it on and off since.

This is the Undress Me Too palette…

MUA - Undress Me Too - Eyeshadow Palette - names - ul

This is a good set of neutral mattes, bronzes and a black shadow. Almost all of the shades actual feel are soft to the touch but you really have to pick a lot up to get true colours but from a palette so cheap it’s not hard to not worry about waste. I would suggest always using a primer and if you Keep this in mind I suggest applying eye make up first and then do your face so any fall out can be wiped away first.

MUA - Undress Me Too - Eyeshadow Palette swatches - ul

To start will naked is just a good base colour to even out everything before you go on with colour. Shy can be used as a highlighter on the brow bone but maybe too shimmery for some. Exposed and Reveal are white silvery shadows Exposed being the darker of the two.  Lavish is a good matte taupe to blend out with to make the shadows seemless when blending up after the main shade is applied. Then on with the metallic shades, Devotion is a bright golden tone, Firey is exactly that bright and coppery, Dreamy is one of my favourites similar to Macs Sable a dark bronze, Tranquil is a darken rose gold, Wink is a feminine pink bronze and last but not least Obsessed a dark brown/grey shimmer shade good for creases. Now the only let down in the palette is Corrupt unlike all the others this is hard to the touch and impossible to work with it tries to be black but even with persistence only works as a dark grey and not evenly. I didn’t expect it to be honest as black is one of the hardest to get the perfect opaque pigment.