January Wish List or Virtual Shopping without the Spending

January Wish List
This is my wish list for January and more likely spilling into February. I spent s fair bit over Christmas and so when I do spend this year I’m hoping to reign in the shopping and spend more wisely.

Lip treatment
£7.50 – hotelchocolat.com
This would probably be the most used but least needed as I can get cheaper lip balms , I’m just intrested to see what Hotel Chocolat have in the way of beauty and I know I can’t afford any of the other products they have released so this would be a nice piece to at least try.

Face care
£8 – thebodyshop.co.uk
As you know I’ve fallen for lip scrubs this month but I think this would be a good travel alternative as it’s in a lipstick bullet but also alot less messy.

Garnier beauty product
£5.99 – superdrug.com
I’m using The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser at the moment but I’m not quite sure it’s enough for my rather dry skin so this could be an alternative.

£7.50 – marksandspencer.com
Mmmm, define need… I saw amodelreccomends.com use this and I’ve kinda wanted it since and it is on offer at £5 so could be worth a swatch in store.

Max factor lipstick
£7.99 – superdrug.com
This I keep coming back too and I can’t decide if it’s the luxe packaging or just the rasin shade but I’m drawn to it every time.

Matte nude lipstick
£6 – marksandspencer.com
Can’t get away from the mattes, can’t be helped I like my lipstick to last and I’m still in search of a good nude.

Urban Decay eye pencil makeup
£12 – debenhams.com
Don’t even own a Naked palette yet but I think this is a great concept , four different double ended eye pencils each to coordinate with the Naked palettes and even if I don’t have one it’s a good way to try two shades for the price of one.

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush Flash Plum
£5.19 – superdrug.com
Matte plum blush , always on the look out for a good drugstore version of my Clinique Poppy Plum blend , this probably isn’t it but I ‘d have to buy it and find out , just in case.

Yes £15 for a highlighter but this really does say luxe all over it , it’s so pretty and I’m hoping it’s as pretty in store.

T Zone Nose Strips X6’S at Superdrug
£5.05 – superdrug.com
Blackheads are evil and they live on my nose and I must eradicate them, probably not the best way to do it but I haven’t found a solution yet so we will see.

MUA Cream Blush Scrummy at Superdrug
£2.50 – superdrug.com
Totally should have picked this one up when I saw it in store at Christmas and I talked myself out of it, for what reasons I don’t know. This is at the top of the list to try out.

I’ve been looking at these for a while and I’m not sure why I haven’t picked a few up yet ,not heard much said about them but the Peacock Tail shade is very similar to a Mac eyeshadow I was looking at but I don’t know if I can make it work, think this could be a good test run or just a cheaper way to tell if I can pull it off.

Always thinking about serums , just still haven’t parted with the cash to get one. All so expensive and I get why but this is about as cheap as they come unless I pick up the one Botanics do.

Bronze Eye Looks – Which Way To Go?

Bronze Eye Looks - Which Way To Go?
I realised last Saturday that I didn’t have as many bronze shades as I thought and in comparrison with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Kajal that many shades I own are more golden. I have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze and Macs Sable eyeshadow but even sable seems lighter than the eyeliner in question. So in a need to sort this out I have perused the web for ideas and would like to know if any above are anyones favourites or any others too. The Max Factor Max Effect Dip has caught my eye for a while but I just haven’t given it enough want to buy it yet. I also just noticed I’ve missed a Rimmel shadow stick in Bad Bronze and I do quite like those as I already have one in Bulletproof Beige, (would love to know who picks the names and gets paid for it).

ArtDeco Mineral Eyeshadow
£17 – debenhams.com

Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow
£13 – debenhams.com

MAC Cosmetics – Bronze Eyeshadow
£12.50 – maccosmetics.com

Barry M Bronze Dazzle Dust
£4.50 – superdrug.com

Budget Xmas/Birthday Wish List

So this is just a idea of what I maybe will be picking up a few days after the New Year, I haven’t forgotten Christmas but it’s also my Birthday so soon after that I tend to wait until then to do some sale shopping. Can’t say I hate Christmas present I just have to have a better reason to justify spending lots of money. So luckily my birthday is there as the perfect excuse. I’ve done this list which is the budget buys I’m wanting but haven’t quite got round to buying then there will be a Luxe Christmas and Birthday Wish List too.

What’s on your wish list ?

Budget Xmas/Birthday Wish List

Carmex lip treatment
£3.99 – selfridges.com

Essie nail polish
£7.99 – superdrug.com

Topshop nail care
£6 – topshop.com

Beauty product
£5.99 – superdrug.com

Topshop lip makeup
£8 topshop.com

Max Factor lipstick
£7.99  – superdrug.com

Revlon lipstick
£7.49 – superdrug.com

Revlon lips makeup
£7.49 – superdrug.com

Rimmel lipstick
£5.49 – superdrug.com

Bourjois Happy Light Primer Matte
£12 – superdrug.com

MeMeMe Blush Coral 1
£8.50 – superdrug.com

MUA Matte Lipstick Scarlet Siren
£1 – superdrug.com

Urban Camoflage Part 2 – Flawed or Flawless Foundation

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These are the four Foundations (yes I know Dr Jarts is a BBalm) that I have used in the past 6 months switching between them as needs change. I think foundation is a very important part of make up as it brings together not just skin tone but also helps cover other issues like age spots, black and white heads (if you get them I know I do) and even help the skin out at the same time. Continue reading “Urban Camoflage Part 2 – Flawed or Flawless Foundation”