Revenge ‘V’ Mac Diva – Deep Red Glossy ‘V’ Matte

Mac diva and Collection gothic glam in revenge in bullets side by side

At the moment I feel like I’m completely unprepared for what the Spring trends have to offer. It’s all pale pastel shades or as I’ve read many times radiant orchid is the colour of 2014. I’m not so sure either would suit me and I’m still on a kick that consists of bold lips and easy eye make up. So when I picked up Mac Diva I was in my element as I loved the dark burgundy shade. Sadly this is one of the driest matte formulas I’ve tried so since then I was on the look out for a dupe.

I can’t say that Collections shade Revenge is an exact dupe but when I wear this it has the same intense colour but in a glossy comfortable to wear texture. Revenge is part of the Gothic Glam set and is just £2.99 at Collection Cosmetics. Below is me wearing just the Collection lipstick with Topshops Lip Liner In Deception by the names of them they were made for each other. That and because it’s a glossy shade it needs lip liner to stop this from feathering.

Collection Gothic Glam in Revenge Lip Stick

From the swatches below you can see that Mac Diva is more of a true red. It’s more opaque which which you expect in a matte so it’s long lasting as long as you don’t lick your lips. On the other hand Collections Revenge has a pink undertone but is still a strong colour. I find this more forgiving when worn as it doesn’t cling to dry patches. This is more of a needs to be topped up through the day to keep this going, this doesn’t last through eating or drinking.

Collection Revenge v mac diva swatch

I love them both of these lipsticks they are two burgundy lipsticks with different merits but if I had to choose I think it would still be Mac Diva simply because I’m too lazy to be checking my make up all day long. It requires more effort to get right  to begin with it’s all about prepping the lips. If you want something easier and a darn sight cheaper at just a fifth of the Mac lipstick then Revenge would be for you, especially if you just want to try out this shade to see if you like wearing it.

For me I already have both and occasionally I’ll wear Mac Diva but keep revenge in my bag to top up or boost the moisture back into my lips without having to compromise on the colour.

Mac Diva v Collection Gothic Glam in Revenge

Diva The Cruella Deville Shade – A Mac Matte Lipstick

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Mac Diva is the ultimate burgundy berry lipstick. It’s also a tricky one to work with when it comes to matte lipsticks in general. This one can be pain but if you take the time to ‘Prep The Lips’ and apply a decent lip balm ahead of use then it shouldn’t feel like your living in the desert.

Mac - Matte - Lipstick Diva Collage

When I first wore this it was on the 27th December 2013 when we went to Manchester to go sale shopping this was no lip prep and a little lip balm , it helped that I had lined my lips with a Mac lip pencil in Vino or I never would have got it neat enough. After an hour on the train and a few hours shopping my lips felt like they couldn’t have got any drier. They felt cracked but the colour was still there in perfection with no wear. As soon as I could I took it off and it’s taken a month to work out I had to spend time to achieve the long wearing colour with the ability to wear it all day.

I make sure I use a lip scrub to give a smooth base so there’s no dry patches to cling too and then use lip balm a few times before I apply the lipstick as the last thing I do within my make up routine. This works but I also have found that I can get away with applying my Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lipstick in Razzberry over the top during the day if I do feel it getting dry. This hardly changes the shade as Mac Diva is so pigmented but adds moisture back into the lips.

I can honestly say I love the colour but the drying element let’s this one down. At £15 I think if I were to buy a Mac Matte lipstick again it would have to be a very amazing shade to make me want to work with it. I still prefer the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte and if I were spending £15 on a lipstick I would pay the extra £4 and get the Bobbi Brown as I don’t often buy expensive brands.

Mac matte lipstick diva on lips

Au Naturel…ish – Mua v Nars Matte Lips – fotd

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So I wanted to keep my make up as quick as possible to apply. No fuss but still slightly more polished than the I just woke up 10 minutes ago and now you want me to leave?

nars - Mua - swatches and used make up

Now as you can see I have stumbled upon mostly Mua make up and when I replace the Maybelline Great Lash which really needs to be got rid of soon I think I’ll try one of the Mua mascaras as I would have then a full face of Mua which I think could be nice and budget friendly. I wanted to wear the Nars as it is so easy to use but realised that if I had a £3 Mua mascara then all the make up combined with the other lipstick would be 50p cheaper than the Nars Velvet Matte Pencil alone. With that I applied the Mua first to show how you can still get a great look from a very budget friendly brand. The Mua matte lipstick in Wild Berry is much more sheer but does give a nice wash of colour, where as the Nars is more in your face and look at me.

mua matte lipstick - wild berry - eyes open

Here I just wanted show that I kept the eyes super simple. I tried out the Gosh smokey brown quad but it was too much going on and I still don’t quite have the hang of it. I went with the basic matte in naked from the Mua Undress Me Too palette all over the lid then added a little of the shade shy which is a sort of pearly white that I ran just along the lash line just using my finger. This I sort of picked out as one of the au natural trends due to be big in spring to see if I could pull it off. Along with this at Christmas I picked up the Undress Your Skin foundation that gave me a light to almost medium coverage. It really did make a difference to perk my skin up without it being heavy and this is usually £5 and comes in 3 shades.

The Mua Matte lipstick feels cheep and plastic but if you can get your head around this feeling it’s actually really good for £1. It’s like a balm with a tint but a more thick lipstick consistency. It is matte but not drying one bit and when it’s on it doesn’t take a steady hand to get it right, you just layer it up to get more colour. I used the Mua blusher in Bon Bon that’s a £1, it’s highly pigments and with my blush brush I ran it over my hand before applying to my cheeks so I didn’t look crazy. It’s a pink flush that just warmed the face up to stop it looking flat.

Nars - Damned velvet matte

I do believe there is something that can suit every budget and not everyone can afford to buy Nars. The Velvet Matte lip pencils will set you back £17.50. This is only a theory but unless you’re a blogger most women have a small or normal sized amount of make up. If you can find a shade you love then most will stick with what works and this is one of those products that you can wear everyday and not have to worry about your lipstick smudging or disappearing as soon as you take a drink. I also have the shade Sex Machine a dusky nude pink with shimmer and that gets used more often than 90% of my other lipsticks.

I still haven’t got my hands on the Revlon Matte Balms which I think could lay somewhere between the Mua and Nars in texture and shades with a middle ground price of £7.99.

If anyone wonders why most of these Face of the Days have a doll’s house in the back ground it’s what I store most of my make up in. My mum actually built it for me when I was little so I could have one like hers. Sadly I wasn’t the play with Barbie dolls kinda girl so it never got painted. Hopefully when I move I can do it up but I think at least it’s getting a lot more use out of it, it deserves more attention.

Razzberry Creamy Matte Lipstick By Bobbi Brown

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Razzberry, I can’t be the first to use the name of a lipstick in the reasons why said purchase happened… I just had to share it with you last week in a quick FOTD post. It’s my first ever Bobbi Brown buy so it’s a rather special one. It’s rare I buy such a pink shade but it is quite a strong shade & a unique addition to my makeup bag. Continue reading “Razzberry Creamy Matte Lipstick By Bobbi Brown”

Lasting Finish By Kate Lipsticks 107 + 111

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So this is weird right. I’m 25 & I’ve never worn lipstick, never bought it & until now never entertained the idea of wearing it. I’m a lip balm queen because of the countless clichés with lipstick that have bugged me. Let’s see, lipstick on your teeth, lipstick smeared by kissing or simple wearing it a mile past your lip line. It’s not fool proof & it can cause me trouble I would have lived without. What’s changed is me, I want to wear it & so I will sure as hell find out what’s going to work for me. The clichés haven’t stopped but I’m going to start with a lipstick line that may help with some of these faux pas with Rimmel Lasting Finish. It doesn’t harm the fact that one of the most famous British models has her name on it too. Kate Moss of course!

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