Nudes – New To The Drugstores

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I do love to look at the new make-up that’s appearing on the shelves of the drugstore especially the nudes that everyone can get behind. Although some of them are a little odd but I’ll talk about that below. If you’re more into Bright shades then see yesterdays post on Bold Brights – New To The Drugstores. All shade names are left to right.

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February Faves 2015

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I’ve meant to get back into monthly favourites as it’s been a little on & off. My last was in October & a Best Of 2014. I’ve not been buying much lately so I didn’t want to repeat myself or suggest something before giving it enough use. These are mainly things I got for Christmas so I’ve had a good few months to see what have become firm favourites.

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Soft Smokey Black Eyeliner – Get The Look

Soft Smokey Black Eyeliner - Get The Look

Sometimes I can be the most boring girl when it comes to make-up, there will be weeks where I just don’t have the time or the inkling to try something new. I’ve not really written any new years resolutions down definitively but I did set myself on the task of trying new thing. Which is where this black smokey eyeliner effect came from. Continue reading “Soft Smokey Black Eyeliner – Get The Look”

Loreal Feria in Violet Vendetta – The One With The Hair Cut

Loreal Feria hair colour - violet vendetta - product

Loreal Feria – Violet Vendetta

Lets just say when I get bored , things happen. Good or bad something changes so when I was in Wilko and saw this shade I went for it. This was yesterday and last night my hair looked black with purple roots when it was finished. On the packet it shows possible likeness of shade even on dark brown hair and it’s still violet. Warning to those with already dyed hair it will always be darker than the packet. Fast forward to now and I’ve had my hair cut this morning at Taylor Taylor. My hairdresser didn’t bat an eyelash at the colour but once she’d washed it… twice it now has a gorgeous plum sheen. In the dark it still looks black but I guess this is my transition into Autumn.

Loreal Feria hair colour - violet vendetta - new hair cut
Lips – Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Dusty Pink

Loreal Feria – Dye Process

As hair colours go this was a pretty good one. It comes with gloves that feel like the cheap scrunchy ones but are close-fitting. However mine did split between my thumb and fore finger. I did get it all over my forehead and most of it washed off but the little that was left this morning was hidden with concealer. It did make by hair very shiny and it felt in good condition afterwards. The dye smell is quite strong as it is a peroxide based dye to be able to lift it to add the violet shade. For my length hair I needed two boxes to get a full hair coverage. You do get a decent amount of conditioner with it which will hopefully keep the hair nice & shiny.

Loreal Feria hair colour - violet vendetta - new hair  cut flash

I took this photo with flash to show how the hair color looks in day light. I’m pleased with the hair cut, she took a lot of weight out of the hair without loosing much length. I’ve taken the layers around my face higher this time to frame it more when it is down.

If you live in and around Sheffield I would recommend Taylor Taylor. The hairdressers are lovely and this is the first one I’ve gone too where the cut I asked for I actually got. None of that I’d like an inch off and three disappearing!

July “It’s Getting Hot In Here” Faves

I can handle warm days but July has been one hell of a hot month. As soon as I wrote the title I had that Nelly song stuck in my head, at least it’s apt. It also makes me feel super old when I realised (checked Wikipedia) that it was 12 years ago!

Rarely do I show anything beyond beauty bits in my favourites but I had to share this one..

Me My Vans Sunglasses- dupesagirlsbf

These are my new Vans Sunglasses and the were picked up a fortnight ago on what was the wettest weekend of the entire month. However when the sun did shine it was a great relief to have these at hand. At just £7 in the sales it was a bargain that I’ve made use of multiple times. July was hot but this quirky & rather vibrant for me sunnies saved the day.

July Beauty Faves

July 2014 - Favourites - mi

Loreal True Match Foundation 30 ml £9.99

I had a rocky start with this one and it was pushed aside until I found a perfect pairing (here) that made application and final appearance the perfect pale summer base. It’s a light to medium coverage but I like that it allows your skin to breathe & sweat. This sounds wrong but this means that with blotting paper I can remove the glisten from my face without taking away the foundation as well.

Mac Studio Fix Plus Foundation 15g £21.50

Yes a second foundation in my favourites and we all here less is more for summer makeup but this works. I can use it as a touch up for the above mentioned or on super lazy days all over. It doesn’t get cakey but hold the coverage rather well.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 30 ml £9

I long loved setting spray that has lasted me a really long time to say it’s only the travel size. I use this every time I do my makeup as it adds a little extra wear time but also softens out any powder products. It’s almost like a soft focus for your face when you use it onto of makeup. I always apply this by spraying it into a brush and applying in a patting motion.

Clinique All About Lips 12 ml £19

A recent within the last month purchase that has just boosted my love for wearing lipstick. I always try to prep my lips before lipstick but if I forget this means no one else has to know. It is a cream you put on your lips and around your lips and it just smooths the skin out. It’s not cheap but it’s a must have.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner 400 ml £3.89

As always conditioner is bought on a whim for me as and when needed. This one smells really gorgeous so I went with it and I’m glad I did. I only apply this to the length of my hair as it’s a rich conditioner. You don’t even have to leave it on long I can feel my hairs softer even as I wash it off. It might not be a forever thing but that’s the second bottle I’ve bought which is a good sign.

P.s All links are to where I’ve bought them from unless a link isn’t available.