Most Loved March 2014

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My most loved March products seem to have been about making the most of my stash this month and rekindling my love for some of the beauty bits I’ve had the longest. Making the most of what I have by changing them up and bringing them back.

Most Loved in March 2014 Favourties Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - MI

Most Loved March Beauty

March winds and April showers, bring forth May flowers.

This little sentiment fills me with hope as we head into April and hopefully some warmer days even if they bring along the wet ones too.

Clinique All Over Colour in Poppy Plum Blend

When all else fails me this does not. It was the first expensive piece of makeup I’ve bought. It brings my skin back to life adding dimension and a perfect sheen and glow. I don’t know if I will ever get to the end of it as it’s so pigmented a little goes a very long way. – Review

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine

I cringe every time I write the shade name out but in the bullet it looks a little bit porn star lips but when worn it’s the easiest wash of colour that can finish any look off. I love my mattes and this was the one that started it all off. – Review

Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

As beauty bloggers we always end up working our way through many products but end up going back time and again to certain ones. This is a repurchase and I’m guessing I used it less back then than I do now as I’m using this mini up quickly. Love the scent and it stays around for most of the day and make my hair feel luxurious even if I’ve straightened it. Must pick up the full size next time.

Benefit Porefessional Primer

For as long as I’ve hated my pores I have needed this in my life. I think it took a year to get me to part with my cash on this. I’m one to not believe the hype and boy was I wrong. This just makes my pores vanish as if I had amazingly smooth skin. Yes any silicone based primer can but this is matte and slightly skin toned and works magic. Like any good product it needs a great partner and I’m still searching for that foundation to make my base complete. Review

Garnier Moisture Match Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream

This is actually the newest so I’ve save it for last but it deserved the attention as it has made working with my ridiculous dry patches of skin so simple. When all else fails I can apply to individual areas and let it work it’s magic and my foundations sit so much better when I do. Make sure to let it sink in as it is silicone based.

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Lil Bit Of Pampering with Garnier Self Heating Clay Sauna Mask

This has been a bit of a rough week for me with life getting crazily hectic as I will be moving in the next few months and still looking for a place. So when I saw this on the weekend and at only 85p for two face masks I saw it as the perfect way to give my self some me time, even if it was just a five minutes rest and sit down doing nothing.

Garnier - spa clay mask

The Garnier Skin Naturals Self Heating Sauna Masks are still on offer at Superdrug in store and online. A clay mask to help clear pores and control oil with the concept to help blackheads and blemishes. Wet skin and apply this with a little bit of massaging to make the mask heat up and then leave for 3 minutes.

wearing garnier clay mask

This was pretty easy to put on, didn’t dry out within the three minutes so came off relatively quick with a face cloth. This is a pretty standard mask but I did like that it didn’t have an overly strong smell. As for the the self heating it was mildly warm at best but I wasn’t expecting it to do much. When I removed it I could feel my skin felt oil free but not striped. Beyond that it was just a treat to enjoy for that small amount of time, the thing I actually noticed is after using both of them between Monday and today was I used a Tea Tree Nose Strip. You know the ones that stick to your nose , you leave to dry then pull it off and see all the rubbish that’s clogging your pores up. Well normally its like mini black polka dots all over the strip but this time only maybe half as many came out of my skin. I’m hoping that this is partly due to the mask so I may have to pop in and get some more.

January Wish List or Virtual Shopping without the Spending

January Wish List
This is my wish list for January and more likely spilling into February. I spent s fair bit over Christmas and so when I do spend this year I’m hoping to reign in the shopping and spend more wisely.

Lip treatment
£7.50 –
This would probably be the most used but least needed as I can get cheaper lip balms , I’m just intrested to see what Hotel Chocolat have in the way of beauty and I know I can’t afford any of the other products they have released so this would be a nice piece to at least try.

Face care
£8 –
As you know I’ve fallen for lip scrubs this month but I think this would be a good travel alternative as it’s in a lipstick bullet but also alot less messy.

Garnier beauty product
£5.99 –
I’m using The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser at the moment but I’m not quite sure it’s enough for my rather dry skin so this could be an alternative.

£7.50 –
Mmmm, define need… I saw use this and I’ve kinda wanted it since and it is on offer at £5 so could be worth a swatch in store.

Max factor lipstick
£7.99 –
This I keep coming back too and I can’t decide if it’s the luxe packaging or just the rasin shade but I’m drawn to it every time.

Matte nude lipstick
£6 –
Can’t get away from the mattes, can’t be helped I like my lipstick to last and I’m still in search of a good nude.

Urban Decay eye pencil makeup
£12 –
Don’t even own a Naked palette yet but I think this is a great concept , four different double ended eye pencils each to coordinate with the Naked palettes and even if I don’t have one it’s a good way to try two shades for the price of one.

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush Flash Plum
£5.19 –
Matte plum blush , always on the look out for a good drugstore version of my Clinique Poppy Plum blend , this probably isn’t it but I ‘d have to buy it and find out , just in case.

Yes £15 for a highlighter but this really does say luxe all over it , it’s so pretty and I’m hoping it’s as pretty in store.

T Zone Nose Strips X6’S at Superdrug
£5.05 –
Blackheads are evil and they live on my nose and I must eradicate them, probably not the best way to do it but I haven’t found a solution yet so we will see.

MUA Cream Blush Scrummy at Superdrug
£2.50 –
Totally should have picked this one up when I saw it in store at Christmas and I talked myself out of it, for what reasons I don’t know. This is at the top of the list to try out.

I’ve been looking at these for a while and I’m not sure why I haven’t picked a few up yet ,not heard much said about them but the Peacock Tail shade is very similar to a Mac eyeshadow I was looking at but I don’t know if I can make it work, think this could be a good test run or just a cheaper way to tell if I can pull it off.

Always thinking about serums , just still haven’t parted with the cash to get one. All so expensive and I get why but this is about as cheap as they come unless I pick up the one Botanics do.