Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?

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When I apply my makeup I always do my brows but I’m no artist I just like to tame & fill them in a little. They have this special trick in Summer (even our British one) where they start to go blonde on the outer half. This means if I don’t do anything it looks like some’s shaved them! There not quite at that blonde point yet because we’ve had about a week or twos worth of sunny days this year. I was lucky to never have gone through that over plucking trend of the 90s. However they do need evening out & since going blonde I still prefer brunette brows that match my roots. Continue reading “Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?”

Nudes – New To The Drugstores

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nude everyday wearble makeup

I do love to look at the new make-up that’s appearing on the shelves of the drugstore especially the nudes that everyone can get behind. Although some of them are a little odd but I’ll talk about that below. If you’re more into Bright shades then see yesterdays post on Bold Brights – New To The Drugstores. All shade names are left to right.

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Miners Vixen Demi Matte Vamp Lipstick – Mac Diva Dupe

Miners Vixen - The Demi Matte  Vamp Lipstick  - 1

When it comes to lipstick I seem to always come back to the same shades so when I picked up Miners Vixen it was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I live in shades somewhere between off pinks (see Dusty Pink ), berry shades (Razzberry or Berry Much) & vamp reds which I’m talking about today. Continue reading “Miners Vixen Demi Matte Vamp Lipstick – Mac Diva Dupe”

Spring Essentials – Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Spring Essentials Wishlist

Sleek Contour Kit in Light
£6.49 –

The body Shop Honey Bronzer Light Matte
£13 –

Clinique Pop Cream Blush
£16.50 –

Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm 
£6.99 –

Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla
£3.19 –

Smashbox UK Always Sharp Waterproof Eyeliner in Cabana 
£16 –

Revenge ‘V’ Mac Diva – Deep Red Glossy ‘V’ Matte

Mac diva and Collection gothic glam in revenge in bullets side by side

At the moment I feel like I’m completely unprepared for what the Spring trends have to offer. It’s all pale pastel shades or as I’ve read many times radiant orchid is the colour of 2014. I’m not so sure either would suit me and I’m still on a kick that consists of bold lips and easy eye make up. So when I picked up Mac Diva I was in my element as I loved the dark burgundy shade. Sadly this is one of the driest matte formulas I’ve tried so since then I was on the look out for a dupe.

I can’t say that Collections shade Revenge is an exact dupe but when I wear this it has the same intense colour but in a glossy comfortable to wear texture. Revenge is part of the Gothic Glam set and is just £2.99 at Collection Cosmetics. Below is me wearing just the Collection lipstick with Topshops Lip Liner In Deception by the names of them they were made for each other. That and because it’s a glossy shade it needs lip liner to stop this from feathering.

Collection Gothic Glam in Revenge Lip Stick

From the swatches below you can see that Mac Diva is more of a true red. It’s more opaque which which you expect in a matte so it’s long lasting as long as you don’t lick your lips. On the other hand Collections Revenge has a pink undertone but is still a strong colour. I find this more forgiving when worn as it doesn’t cling to dry patches. This is more of a needs to be topped up through the day to keep this going, this doesn’t last through eating or drinking.

Collection Revenge v mac diva swatch

I love them both of these lipsticks they are two burgundy lipsticks with different merits but if I had to choose I think it would still be Mac Diva simply because I’m too lazy to be checking my make up all day long. It requires more effort to get right  to begin with it’s all about prepping the lips. If you want something easier and a darn sight cheaper at just a fifth of the Mac lipstick then Revenge would be for you, especially if you just want to try out this shade to see if you like wearing it.

For me I already have both and occasionally I’ll wear Mac Diva but keep revenge in my bag to top up or boost the moisture back into my lips without having to compromise on the colour.

Mac Diva v Collection Gothic Glam in Revenge