My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine

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mac estee lauder urban decay

I’ve been on a bit of a crazy train lately, having tried almost all the foundations I thought would be great for Spring & Summer as well as the up & coming wedding bells nearer to the end of the year. Well by what’s above it’s all seems like a great waste of time because I’ve gone back to old favourites but applied them in a better way. This is perfect for those warm Spring days & eventually hot Summer days as well as it lasting as long as you can.

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March On In To Spring Make-up Favourites

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By the title you would think that this post could be full of Spring but if anything I’m attempting to say good-bye to most of my Winter time favourites. So this might not suit for what is to come but British weather being what it is anything could happen! I just can’t help but loving these things, I may have written to death about a few but I see that as a good sign that they’ll likely end up in a empties post one day. Oh & it just happens to be all make-up this month

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Clinique’s Famous Eyeshadow – A Black Honey Dupe For £1

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close up of black honey eyeshadow in case

When I bought Clinique’s Black Honey eyeshadow for my Birthday I knew it was something special at first swatch. Unlike any shade I own not even Mac’s Cranberry has anything on this one. When I came across this dupe recently I just had to share it with you all. Continue reading “Clinique’s Famous Eyeshadow – A Black Honey Dupe For £1”

February Faves 2015

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I’ve meant to get back into monthly favourites as it’s been a little on & off. My last was in October & a Best Of 2014. I’ve not been buying much lately so I didn’t want to repeat myself or suggest something before giving it enough use. These are mainly things I got for Christmas so I’ve had a good few months to see what have become firm favourites.

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Why Clinique Beyond Perfecting Was Almost Perfect

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clinique alabaster sample

This is my update post about Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation. If you want more detail on how the foundation works, what it feels like & things like coverage you can go to my first post at Beyond Perfecting. I was all in to buy this foundation when I tried the sample I got in a magazine. Even though the shade was completely wrong (which you can laugh at in the first post), the foundation worked well for me. I decided the best thing to do was get a sample of the right shade.

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