Summer Makeup Collections I Like

Summer 2014 Makeup


These are all the latest Summer 2014 collections that I’m fancying trying out. They aren’t the full collections just the pieces I think I would personally use. I seem to be addicted to bright shades of green in the nail varnish loves, especially the N07 Gel look nails stand out most. I really would love to try out the Benefit mini set as it means I can see what all three shades to see how they would look on me without having to buy the full sizes. I’m very intrested in the Sleek foundation as it has a few very light looking shades which is great for drugstore makeup. This along with the bronzer block which could be a way for me to get into bronzer , the one above is the darker on the two versions and I would go for the lighter one which looks suited to pale skin. I’m unsure on the new Sleek palette but I’d like to give it a go in store and swatch it. The Collection Mardi Gra pieces are budget friendly but very suited to updating your nails to suit summer. I’m even tempted by the yellow shade which is very Dispicable Me minion-esque. I like what Gosh have dome with the Lip Laquers , the shade above is the darkest their is and the range is mainly shades of pink, the one I like has a plum tone to it.

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