Resolutions for 2014

To begin with I’d like to apologise for beings away for so long, I have the flu and I’ve basically been asleep half the time and the rest coughing and sneezing. I ‘d like to say it’s over but I’m not quite there yet so please keep with me while this fog in my head lifts.

On with the resolutions :

1) Get back into routine with my skin care. While I was away over Christmas I neglected my skin and whether the flu has added or not to this my skin is feeling the damage. I have a few extra bits I have added in and wish to not go back to teenage skin.

2) I’m sure everyone has said this at some point but I must improve my health. In my case that includes loosing weight but also finding the time to exercise and change how I see food in general.

3) Go on holiday more which in my case doesn’t include abroad as I don’t have that much money but go to more places in Britain.

4) This one relates to two and actually came from my boyfriend and it’s to get me eating five new things this year I haven’t tried yet. He still says if we hadn’t been together I’d be still living on Super Noodles and pancakes and I sadly have to agree with him on that one.

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