Repeated Use & Repurchase – April Faves

April 2014 Favourites - repeated use and repurchase

April has been all over the place for me, I don’t know what’s going on and how to get back in the blogging spirit. I’m a little bit lost which is why my posts have been a little on and off but I’m hopeful that by the weekend I’ll be back on track. My April favourites have been a matter of make up being the easiest application that I know I couldn’t do without when I’m in a rush along with a new hair hero.

Repeated Use & Repurchase

Mua Undress Me Too Palette – This is just too easy to make use off because I find I’m a little hesitant at using certain make up I own so I don’t do damage. Sounds daft but I just don’t have to worry with this one. I can stick my fingers straight in and apply and it just works. They aren’t perfect but I can take it for travel and if it breaks it’s only £4 to replace. This may not happen to everyone but at least 3 makeup items I have now have holes when my finger nails gone. One of the a sleek blusher because for the life of me I can’t open in normally without making a bigger mess each time with it.

Bourjois Intense Eyeshadow – Sometimes I can do eyeliner and others it’s half an hour later and it looks like I passed it to a child and told them to draw. With this baked eyeshadow and, an angled eyeliner brush and some setting spray (or water even) I can. It’s a little more involved than a khol but it’s fixable quicker and is casual but defined. I beautiful eyeliner with a slightly smokey edge.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils – Like I said I’ve been in a rush lately so lipstick got pushed to the back in favour of lip pencils. This does include the likes of the Revlon Matte Balms but Nars is still easier. The shade Sex Machine for every day use, it’s my lips but better tone where I don’t have to be even slightly perfect and Damned that got used for a 1940’s hen do in which bright red (Rimmel Kate 107) was just too much work when alcohol and food is involved. These are one of a few mattes that doesn’t dry your lips out as soon as you wear it.

BlowPro Damage Control Conditioning Mask – I’m already two thirds of the way through this bottle and I just know I need to repurchase this as soon as it’s finished. This has changed my hair from 20 minutes brushing my hair like crazy to less than 5. My hair is getting super long and I have abused it alot in the past. I have stopped dying it for as long as I can stand or until I see any streak of grey. This is a protein mask with shea butter which I can leave on for the entire time I’m in the bath and it seems to fix the breakages while still keeping my hair smooth. Denman and Blowpro have becaome best friend with my hair.




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