Polyvore – A Blogger + Shoperholics Dream

While blogging I’ve got more into websites that aim to organise all my beauty & skin care thoughts. One of the more obvious ones is Evernote a way of sharing notes between my PC and Htc One. I think I prefer having a visual aesthetic which appeals to me being able to decide what I would like or what items I can introduce to my wardrobe for the coming season. I do love Pintrest which allows me to save multiple ides and store them in one space & over multiple interests. What I was looking for was a way to gather thoughts or see all the things I’ve wanted. This way I could also see what I would prefer more.


Polyvore – Whats The Point?

Be warned when you sign up to Polyvore you open yourself up to not just seeing your own wish lists but that of everybody elses too. It’s similar to Pinterest in the way you can view Peoples boards. They don’t seem individually but as a collection made up by whoever wanted to display it. As you can see above it can include new trends, favorite beauty items & what you might like to pick up next! I can get lost on this website looking at all the collages of beauty bits but there are also sections devoted to home & fashion which are just as addictive. All you have to do is add a Clip button to your bookmarks at the top of your webpage . When you like something simply click the Clip To Polyvore button & add tags if you wish, check the price is right for the item then save.

Whys it Good?

Wish Lists – As you search the internet for that holy grail foundation or just need another fall nail varnish this is where you can piece together what you’d like. Wether you’re a blogger or a shopaholic a like you can get a clear view of what your interested in & next to the other items what you want more.

Stick To A Budget – When your out shopping remembering how much cash you can spend is useful. Make a list of everything you’d like then you can see if it’s within your means.

Those Boots You Have To Own! – So you’ve fallen in love with them but are still undecided. On Polyvore you can pair up those boots into an image along with available images of clothes you already own. See if you’ll get at much use out of them as you think before you blow this weeks food budget on your feet.

Dream On & On & On – Let’s just say said blogger had a love for Marc Jacobs bags but can’t afford that price range yet. Why not have a gander at all the bags & work out if you won the lottery which one you or all of them you’d buy. Dreaming of the things you would like in life gives you goals to work towards, it’s a good thing.

These are just a few of the sets I've created on Polyvore myself.
These are just a few of the sets I’ve created on Polyvore myself.

Sales – So you really need that dress but have absolutely no way to buy it. Clip it to Polyvore in whichever collection you want. If it comes up on sale at the place you clipped it from Polyvore will email you with this information including the new lower price.

WordPress + Blogger – When you’ve done with you collection & are ready to share it with the rest of us then you can publish your set. You can then share it as a draft directly to you blog account. The only pants bit is it converts prices to dollars so you have to go back and alter if you’re in the UK.

Sharing In The Fun – You can also share with social media, not just your sets & collections but even individual items. Showing what your into at that very moment with just as few clicks.

Make It Mobile – Polyvore is also available as an app on your phone. I’m on android so not sure about iPhone users but it’s great for checking in on what you’ve got your eye on while on the go. You can add items in your set & others already on the site but no way of sharing new items on the go yet…

Any Downsides?

Not really but I will explain that the point of Polyvore is to get us to buy stuff. In all likely hood they will receive money for click-through to the other websites. What we can do is make use of it in many more ways to make us savvy shoppers. Polyvore is useful for us as much as it is for them when it comes to the best buys.



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