Periscope – Better Than Youtube?

Who remembers MySpace? That little website that was the start of the social media revolution? Everyone wanted to be on it, a highly customisable digital bedroom wall of your own on the web. Then came Facebook a slow starter that spiraled out of control, it was more streamline, a clean modern space. I think it started off as a more adult place to chat with friend without all that Myspace fuss. Facebook now has more than a billion users which is a little mental & Myspace has been left in its quake.

When I first saw Periscope appear all over twitter I was a little gutted Android didn’t have an app. Luckily you could open a link from twitter on your computer to watch it which I think was quite genius. Luckily it was weeks rather than months before Periscope got Android an app as the web version you couldn’t write anything or send hearts, more on that in a minute. So what will live video streaming any time, any place with anyone watching do for us? Is Periscope the new Youtube?


Periscope or scoping as it has been nick-named is the latest social media app that’s creating lots of buzz. I think it’s an evolutionary step on from SnapChat but purely video based. Missed the live stream? You can watch it upto 24 hours after it’s gone live, beyond that point it’s gone, life is fast paced & this goes along with that.

Hearts = Likes

For content creators online this is a unique way to speak to your audience & get live feedback. Without words you can click the screen & a heart will float up to let the scoper know you’re enjoying it. You can give as many hearts as you want to unlike Youtube the like button covers the video as a whole thing. After it’s streamed you can still watch & give hearts to show some love. It looks a little tacky but it’s information that directly tells you what people liked. Sharing a new product nobody has seen before you can gauge the reaction or feeling about it just by how many hearts it gets compared to other products. For a blogger or Youtuber where content is king it indicates what you might want to feature next or not.

Watch It Live, Later But Not Forever

Unlike Youtube once your video has gone live it’s up there for your followers to watch for just one day. You’d think this was a bad thing right? Yes you can stream on Youtube it’s a good addition & you can keep it up on your channel. Persicope is a short term creation. It seems like a bad idea but it makes it up to date & in the moment. You can say what you want & if you mess up it’s not forever but it shows your only human like everybody else. It means you can discuss what happened an hour ago or a minute ago in the news with followers before anybody has the chance to put a blog post or video up about it.


Pericope won’t kill Youtube but it will enhance it as an extra quicker way to talk to friends & followers. Youtube has the same personal feel to it as Periscope but you can edit videos, make them pretty & remove anything you don’t want people to see. However with Periscope being live it creates a personal window directly into somebodies life. You might swear, fumble with a product or simply forget what your saying which are all good things. I love when the screen freezes because of them losing their internet connection. It does reconnect but for those few seconds the last face they made is left on the screen frozen which is priceless. How many Youtube videos have perfectly lit created backgrounds. They look lovely but it’s like those images you see on Pintrest we will likely never have. The one I always think of with that in in mind is British Beauty Blogger who does great insightful beauty scopes, who often has her well used oven mitts in the background of her videos. It’s real life & it’s happening right in that moment which makes it feel like a real conversation is happening.

Comments Coversations Community

Periscope is the love child or Twitter & Youtube, it’s the best of both social media worlds. It’s the interaction between the person streaming the video & the followers that can comment while it’s live. This means they can see your comments & if they wish reply back to you right there & then. It creates a community feel to it where you can chit chat about your day, let of steam & find out about new things going on.

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