Orange Is The New Black – The Book & TV Series

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Jenji Kohan is the creator of the TV series.

Orange Is the New Black

If there’s one thing I’ll tell you straight up before I get into this, read the book first. It’s one of the reasons I never got past Harry Potter &The Goblet Of Fire. Once Id seen the film I saw the characters as different people to how I imagined them myself. I was initially worried about that but with Orange Is The New Black I’ve found them to compliment each other. I love how the book makes you understand Piper more but the series gives me that image making both even better together.

By the time this goes live I’ll be honest and say I’m only 20% through the book ( on my kindle). This isn’t even a review really it’s a call to get reading & this is the place to start if you haven’t got a book on the go. It’s a story I think for me personally is one I would never know without reading or seeing it. Seeing a real view of the female prison system that I don’t think has been shown with such frankness. I hate reviews that give away everything so instead I’m just saying read it. It forces you to see perspectives most of us never imagined existed. And proof that we already know that nobody’s perfect but can be loved no matter what they’ve done.


I just want to make a point that I love the TV series just as much as the book it’s just you find more detail & truth in it. The book starts by explaining how she ended up in Prison where as the TV series starts as she’s about to go in Prison then explains the back story through the seasons. On the left of the photo is Taylor Schilling who plays Piper Chapman on TV & the right is the author Piper Kerman who lived it & wrote the book.

I also have to say I’m utterly addicted to the opening track to the TV series. It’s by Regina Spektor called You’ve Got Time.


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