Octobers Little Beauties 2014

October Beauty Favorities - mi

This for me has been the strangest of months as I love Halloween but didn’t really do anything for it. It was like any other Friday, get home from work around one, then crash! It was like I’d forgotten it existed. I think I need to get back into the spirit of things so I’m gonna try to really push for Christmas. This is an on bunch of October favourites and a few even surprised me.

Octobers Little Beauties

First up I’ll start with a long loved product my Mac Studio Fix Powder that I fee like will never run out on. I find this is my fastest face base which I’ve shunned all my liquid foundations for. This with some fix spray looks flawless & natural I just love the stuff. I kinda wish I had a flat enough brush to fit where the sponge is for on the go top up. Pop me a comment below of you favourite powder foundation.

Now Carmex is just a lip balm like many others other than its zingy menthol that cools your lips. Not always what you want on a cold morning but this has been the one thing I’ve counted on to stop chapped lips. I love the limited edition lid from Selfridges, for it’s the little things that make me smile. I’m getting through this fast but it’s at that point in the pot where my nails sticking in the balm. Do I get a stick or tube version I don’t know but I’m not willing give up using it that’s for sure.

Ok so another one where a heat defence is a heat defence is a heat defence…. On and on but this Toni & Guy mini has been the difference between having fried hair this month & it still feeling soft after I’ve curled my hair with my Ghds. I can’t say this is the most amazing smelling heat mist but it does work. I find if I use one spray per curl it helps to keep the frizz away. This may seem like over kill but it’s worth it , I alway get minis so I can keep trying out new ones. This is as good as the Lee Stafford but doesn’t smell as nice,

So I only recently bought the Mavala nail varnishes in a haul last week so just a recent favourite. The thing is I didn’t buy it for this shade but for the shade Black Cherry. It turned out that I love Mexico more, it reminds me of the purple from Cadbury’s. This also is a cool shade as one coat isn’t streaky but a much lighter purple & two is the Cadbury’s purple shade. I’ll try to get a post up of this in the week to show you how gorgeous it is.

Now last but not least this is the most unlikely favourite from me. For as long as I have worn makeup I can’t remember a time where I’ve been interested in lip gloss. I was thinking about the same of lipstick just over a year ago I was the same way. So in the spirit of trying new things I wore the Benefit Dandelion lip gloss. It’s just a sheen of a hint of a colour but it adds something that lip balm doesn’t. I always expect them to be sticky but this feel really nice. So maybe not this specific one but in general I’m not looking at others. I’ve always heard good things about the Clarins lip perfector so maybe I’ll give them a try.

That’s all my Octobers Little Beauties what were yours?

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