Missing In Inaction…

mia technical difficulties

This is just a little piece to say I’ve not stopped blogging. Life was crazy to begin with but this week has had everything on its head. My fiance, bloke or guy whatever label you put on it is ill. I’m not talking man flu this has been a long battle with a bad back which has only ever been treated with pain killers. He has had all the tests that the Nhs can do and still it hasn’t been pin pointed. Right now he’s in hospital because of a secondary pain and I’m basically working and the catching bused too and from to see him. I’m feeling a little stretched but I’m glad that he’s getting more help. I will resume blogging and still doing pro points as well it’s just gonna be a bit hit and miss. I do appreciate the few readers I have and will try to keep up. Hopefully I will have my favourites and empties done this weekend.


Jess x

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