Empties In May


May Empties 2014

I think I’m having a bit of an odd month and things are just a little crazy still. I felt like I’d use more up that this but the empties bag doesn’t lie so here they are.

Bath Times With Badedas

This stuff isn’t pretty but it does smell quite nice in a herbal kinda way and if you like bubbles this is what you should try. More than anything it’s helped with the dermatitis (skin issues). I feel super clean and my skin feels hydrates, it’s also not going to break the bank. I’ve already repurchased another one as I just can’t live without it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner + Coconut Milk Lotion

I finished this at the very beginning of the month and I’ve been missing it ever since. I’ve been trying other ones out but since I stopped my skin just hasn’t been the same. I’ve done a full review on this so head there if you’d like to know more. The coconut milk lotion is really nice and smells amazing. Sadly this suits normal skin rather than my super dry skin so it just isn’t doing enough for me. I did like that it dries pretty fast so you can get dress quickly after a bath or shower.

John Freida Conditioner + Frizz Ease Mask

I really do love this conditioner it’s perfect for just dried and slightly fried hair. You also get 75 ml which is 3 times as much as most give you. It just gives that bit of extra care each time you wash it after dying it. I’ve bought this on its own and would again on occasion if I didn’t swap up hair care so often. The mask was a bit pf a disappointment when I enjoyed the Nourish Mask that they also do. It just didn’t feel like it did anything more than my regular conditioner.

Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

This was a good mask and it’s improved my view on the lush fresh ones because I got completely through this one without wasting it. Maybe that’s the blogger in me wanting to really see how good it is but it feels like it did more that most masks do. It’s a bit more mess that normal masks but the added time means you get more for your money. I’ve only just written a full review if you do want to know more (links in the title).

Guy Samples

The Clinique face wash he compared to being as good as the N07 mens face wash but smelt nicer so he might try the full size out but it is about double the cost. Maybe I’ll pick it up as a treat for him. The Clarins moisturising gel is what impressed him most though. It sank into the skin easily and wasn’t greasy in texture even with the gel. The Clarins scent was really nice but not overpowering on the face and left his skin super soft.

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