March On In To Spring Make-up Favourites

By the title you would think that this post could be full of Spring but if anything I’m attempting to say good-bye to most of my Winter time favourites. So this might not suit for what is to come but British weather being what it is anything could happen! I just can’t help but loving these things, I may have written to death about a few but I see that as a good sign that they’ll likely end up in a empties post one day. Oh & it just happens to be all make-up this month

March On In To Spring

Benefit Porfessional Primer

I don’t understand how this seems to last forever, you need such a small amount to get a lovely smooth base. You over do it like I did when I first got it, it will roll like hell when you apply liquid foundation on top. I like to give it a minute before I do apply anything on top and that helps. If you don’t know I hate my pores & this fixes that, I just apply it to my nose, cheeks (where I apply blush) & occasionally my chin. Link on the title to a full review but I just love this stuff!

Clinique All About The Lips

This & the item below are best friends, one doesn’t get applied without the other. I forgot how much I depend on this little bottle lip cream. It looks wrong when you put it on your lips but it only starts white then clears as you rub it into your lips. You also put it on the skin around your lips now I can’t say it solves wrinkles but it somehow smooths it so when you apply lipstick it creates a better edge like an invisible barrier. Whenever my lips are chapped or even a little flakey it’s an instant fix until I remember to apply lip balm more often.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Mattes Razzberry

Another long forgotten love until I recently made use of it this month. Some lipsticks that have a matte finish tend to make my lips flake making it impossible to apply more later in the day. This just smooths over it & hides it while hydrating them at the same time. I also love that the bullet has this round flat top which I personally find easier to use. I haven’t got anymore shades yet but I’m seriously tempted by Crushed Plum, Heart & Scarlet which could become my wedding lipstick.

Maybelline Big Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black 

Yes I talk about this too much but until I bought the new Big version it was a while back that I had owned the original. This has a new formula which I love because I’m not a fan of waiting for coats to set & building volume that way. This is the first where I can create seperation & volume with one coat then instantly go back in to add more where I need it without it clumping on me. The big bristle brush looks very old school & massive compared with most but it really does suit me. If I can’t find a waterproof mascara I like I may try the waterproof version of the original as I know I can work with it.


Clinique Eyeshadow Single in Black Honey

For as long as I’ve worn eyeshadow it’s been all about the bronze shades I have multiple versions of them but since black honey I’ve changed my stuck in a rut ways. I’m now stuck on this, it’s got great payoff that buttery texture everyone goes on about I now understand & the shade is so different to any I’ve owned before. I love how even though it’s one eyeshadow it’s like a prismatic shade with multiple colours within it’s self. It’s so easy to blend out & I’ve used this when I wanted a focal point but didn’t want to wear lipstick. Now most of my favourites have been expensive ones so this one does have a dupe that I found recently for £1 & it’s so close it’s ridiculous.

Mac Eyeshadows in Blanc Type & Cork

These may look like pretty boring choices but when I’m in a rush or simply want a bold lip with simple eyes these are what I’ve gone too to create it. They’re not perfect but for now they’re as close as I’m going to get. Blanc Type is used all over as it’s a matte creamy beige good for blending others on top of. Then Cork a shade a little less loved as it’s not quite dark enough so it takes more work to build it up. What it does have is that it’s ashey rather than warm toned which suits as a natural crease colour. These get used all the time, probably my most warn colours because I can find them easily in their own little Mac palette.

I’ve loved a lot of expensive bit’s this month so I much find some more good purse friendly pieces hopefully by next month. That being said Clinique Black Honey is the newest out of them all & that’s from four months ago, I always go back to what work best for me.

What have your favourites been this month?

Jess x


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