Luxe Xmas/Birthday List

This is the luxury list to the Budget Xmas/Birthday Wish List. A lot of these things I can’t purchase where I am so I will be heading off to Manchester to get some sale shopping and luxe make up. I can’t decide between my love of the Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick and the Tom Ford but hopefully I can afford at least one or the other.
Luxe Xmas/Birthday List
Luxe Xmas/Birthday List by jwilsonleary featuring Tom Ford

Merumaya face cleanser
£15 –

REN beauty product
£30 –

£18.50 –

Benefit eye shadow
£15.50 –

£18 –

£12 –

Benefit cosmetic
£16.50 –

£13 –

Charlotte Tilbury lips makeup
£23 –

NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick
£19 –

Tom Ford lip makeup
£36 –

Clinique lips makeup
£17 –

Nars Eyebrow makeup
£17 –

ILLAMASQUA Eyebrow cake
£16 –

BARE MINERALS Marvelous Moxie lip liner
£13 –

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