June “I Can Actually Buy Something” Wishlist

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I haven’t done a wish list in the longest time, possibly before Christmas because I’ve had no money. I can wish all I want but unless there’s cash that’s spare as in not rent then I just have to tame the “I need it now” monster in my head.

 June Beauty Wish List

I’ve bought some make-up but it’s been all budget buys which there’s nothing wrong. I love that I found those essence brushes which are an absolute bargain & have upped my eyeliner game a notch. However when I get the chance to indulge like I hope I will this weekend. I have to make a list, alter it, delete most of it & start again, watch Youtube to find inspiration then add more things. What’s listed below is more that I will buy but you’ve got have extras if I don’t like something. I’m definitely in the market for a new lipstick which is why I’ve given myself three choices. As for the two eyeliner brushes I want to find out if investing in a brush is worth it. If you have a suggestion let me know I can always add to the list! You tube helped out too with the Vichy cleanser a fave of Amelia Liana on her May Favourites & LetzMakeup made me want the Nars setting powder, it sounds like a dream.

The list I created here was using Polyvore which allows you to pin items you like from shopping websites & bring them all together. It’s great for when you need a Wish List like mine so you can put things next to each other to compare them. I love it you can check my profile out & see what’s in my collections.

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