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Let’s just say the obvious here, I look nothing like Chloë Moretz & no amount of makeup can change that. Shes know best for her role as Hit-Girl in Kick Ass but I loved her the most in Let Me In (Let The Right One In). Seeing this look on the cover of Allure looked much more possible than most do to recreate. I loved that this vintage-esque sultry siren was achieveable with drugstore makeup & with a base of your choice these could suit almost anyone. That & I just happened to buy the eyeliner in question the week before I got my copy of the September issue of Allure, fate I kid you not! Now Allure is an American beauty magazine but luckily only the Maybelline Master Glaze in Coral is USA only.

ChloëMoretz in Allure - Get The Look - lipsticks mac and nars

The reason I wanted to recreate it for you is so you know if I can then you can too. It works well as a transitional look from day to night. All in the blink of an eye can we transform the face with a new slick of lipstick. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine is my go to shade for day time wear. A long-lasting formula that’s comfortable on the lips.

Chloë Moretz in Allure - Get The Look - nars sex machine mi

Chloë’s Red Lips

So when it came to getting the lip colour something like what Chloë is wearing I then realised I don’t own many, just two. I don’t get much use of them so maybe that’s why I haven’t got more in this shade, something I must rectify. I find the Rimmel by Kate Moss in 111 Kiss Of Life way too bright red for me so I’ve stayed away from it. The only other is the one I went for in the end & that’s the Mac Viva Glam Rihanna. I hadn’t dared to wear this as I heard so much on the bad side of reviews of Macs frosted lipsticks. I was going to keep it perfect as a collector’s item but I really don’t like to see things go to waste. I can honestly say I’m really happy with it, like ecstatically so. It’s a gorgeous red that just stands out it’s a POW! colour. The frost comes over as more of a multidimensional shade and not “Ah, I’ve got glitter all over them!”. This has a retro feel to it and I wouldn’t be ashamed to take this out my bag if I did need to top up my lipstick. It’s easily the most gorgeous packaged lipstick from Mac.

Chloë Moretz in Allure - Get The Look - mac rihanna mi

Nobodys Perfect – Except For Chloe Maybe

The only problem is I fail at eyeliner all the time more often that not it’s removed. It rarely makes it on my face and gets seen by the outside world. It’s just one of those things I’m still working on. With this look however there’s a little leeway that means I can fix a wonky line or two. Even lipstick is now easier to apply that eyeliner which I never thought would be the case. I applied the Maybelline Color Tattoo in On & On Bronze to my lid but kept it light handed. Then I quickly went in with my  Mac 217 (or your fluffy blend brush of choice) to blend out along the crease. You can build this up as little or as much as suits but this gives more control. Next go in with the eyeliner, the Master Precise is just that it’s got a very fine nib so where you apply it is exactly where it goes. Just follow as close to the lash line as possible without going too close to the inner eye. If it goes wrong or a little wobbly take an angled eyeliner brush and use this in a similar way you use concealer to fix any lipstick mishaps.

Everything I Wore… But The Lipstick

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