Blueberry Smoothies – Are They Good For You?

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On my recent smoothie journey I feel like I’m learning more than I ever did before. About a month ago I would have seen eating fruit as super healthy & impossible to manage your 5 a day! I know that includes veg but I still never really managed it. Now I’m looking into sugar in fruit, the micro nutrients (vitamins) & know full well that all smoothies aren’t created equally especially when it comes to Pintrest. Such a vast amount of ideas for smoothies but often they’re very similar I think you have to go with what you like the taste of more than anything so you can stick to it happily not begrudgingly!

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Blend Active & My Easy Raspberry Smoothie

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In another attempt to get healthier (lose weight) I’ve gone & bought a Breville Blend Active. I’ve wanted to get one for at least a year but the first ones only had one bottle . When they brought them out with 2 bottles there just seemed to be no stock anywhere at all. Now they’ve brought out the Family pack which has 2 300 ml bottles & 2 600 ml bottles. If you haven’t seen this before it’s basically a blender for drinks but uses the bottles with a screw on blade attachment to blend your drink with. Less mess, no extra washing up & you get the right amount every time! I’ll also be doing Weight Watchers Pro Points as well so all the drinks I make will have the points for them.

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Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe – Weight Watchers PP + SP

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Only a quick update, I’m pointing again & hoping I won’t fail (said everyone pretty much ever!). Instead of showing you everything I’ve eaten like I did previously, each week I’m going to give you meal options that won’t kill all your points at once. I need to lose more than a few pounds so I’m starting on a decent amount points so keep that in mind. This pizza is so easy that I’m going to be making them, normally my fella who is a whiz kid in the kitchen cooks but he’s decided after 7 years he will teach me!

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